Ghost Adventures: Birdcage Theater

I’m sitting here watching a marathon of Ghost Hunters International. Tonight we will see the GHI’s season premier and I am looking forward to tonight’s entertainment (I mean tonight’s  investigation). While waiting for the new episode, I thought that I would put down my thoughts about the Ghost Adventures investigation of the Birdcage Theater.

If you were hoping for a serious investigation and evidence, you wouldn’t find it here. If you needed a good paranormal inspired chuckle this is a good episode for you.

I don’t think that I have ever heard the phrase “soiled doves” used that often in my life. Zak’s use of that phrase started to become as annoying as Dustin’s stupid hat. Come on Dustin, either wear the hat correctly or don’t wear it at all.

The highlight of the show was the use of trigger objects. In this episode, Zak used cap guns as a trigger object. Ah yes, nothing says the wild west more than a man-child running around in the dark firing his cap gun.

That topped the earlier laugh of Zak “almost” repelling down a mine. He dropped all of about 10 or 12 feet. You go Zak! Talk about having the heart of a lion …

At one point, Zak was terrified by the image of a woman. I believe that he did indeed see something based on his reaction. However; I think it because Zak was looking at a photo of one of his “soiled doves” when he looks up into the dark he saw the image of the woman. Nothing paranormal there. It just a retina trick.

I loved the location, the Birdcage is an interesting place. I would love to visit the place someday. However; I’ll leave my cap guns at home!


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