Ghost Adventures: La Purisma Mission

There really wasn’t much to this investigation. La Purisma Mission is a beautiful place with a rich and tragic history. Should I every find myself in the area, I would love to visit it.

Once again, Zak and the boys should have taken a few minutes to prepare for the investigation by learning a few phrases of Spanish. I guess, in the world that Zak and the boys live in, showing a little respect for another culture is just too much trouble and not worth the effort.

The “intro” section seemed to go on forever. That is usually a very bad sign. Zak and the crew even wandered into the nearby hills just to point out a “warning sign” of snakes. 

There were some interesting stories from ghost dogs to tune-less guitars. Evidence? Not so much …

The boys gathered a few evps that I could not understand. Zak collected a FLIR image that he believed was that of a phantom soldier. The image has nothing to indicate the size of the object. We could be looking at a rabbit for all we know. In addition to that, the area had armed guards so it may have been a guard.

All in all, there was not a lot to this episode, but the mission was an interesting location.


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  1. I liked everything I have seen so far, but agree learning some Spanish phrases would have a good idea. They do a good job much better than the other ghost shows and are entertaining.

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