Ghost Adventures: Castillo de San Marcos

All in all, the Ghost Adventures crew made an interesting investigation of the Castillo de San Marcos. Last week Zak appeared to be semi-possessed by a spirit, in what I considered to be the worse acting that I have ever seen. It reminded me of some of the worse episodes of Most Haunted.

This time Zak and the crew used a few more toys. They brought in an EM Pump to give the ghosts a sort of boost. My favorite was the “Video Word Data Base” which assigned a word to certain levels of energy. Now that’s what I wanted to see … I wonder if one of the words in the database was hoax.  Just remember Zak crossing the streams is bad.

At any rate, we didn’t see much from either toy.

The crew did pick up some strange sounds. However; little if anything was done to debunk them. My guess would be that the sounds and light anomolies are coming from the city. The growling sounds were probably someones stomach. The gusts of air were … well gusts of air.

I think the investigation would have been a little better if Zak and the crew had taken a few minutes to learn some Spanish phrases.  Zak goes over the top from time to time, for example the chains and the sand.

What the heck, it is what it is … entertainment.

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