Ghost Hunters: Essex County Hospital

There really wasn’t much to this episode. The old county hospital is an old and creepy place. It is certainly a dangerous place with falling plaster, asbestos, and other hazards.

However; having said that, it will forever be a memorable episode to me because of a quote from Joe Chin. “Did you see that, it sounded like a moan?” And I thought mid-season finale was stupid until I heard that.

Come on people its either mid-season or its a finale.

Other than that, there was not a lot to this episode. The team heard some sounds that we the audience could not hear. They saw some shadows that we the audience did not see. Well, you get the idea.

Of course, Steve and Tango had to do something silly like lock themselves in the morgue. I hoped one of them had the guts to say, “Hey lets copy the Ghost Adventures episode!”

One of the strongest pieces of “so-called” evidence was a camera falling over. Maybe its just me, but they seam to have a lot of cameras falling since Steve took over the tech department.

I guess that the most disappointing thing with both this episode, and Ghost Hunters in general, was Jason and Grant’s willingness to declare that this place was haunted. Based on what ?!?


4 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters: Essex County Hospital

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  1. I miss Brian,I thought he gave the investigations some life,even the “TAPS” episode that griped Jason because Brian and another investigator ran…Hey,Ive seen Jason and grant jump and say “What was that?”Jason’too old to run LOL
    Something I can’t understand,when eiyther group’s members are sure they have contact with something(those machines that light up when an entity is near) and they can have a sort of conversation;invariably the powers that be decide its time to pack it up.There’s no way I’d want to leave,too many questions I’d like answered.

  2. the most disappointing thing was the oct 31 show this year, if you did not have a computer you got nothing out of it but reruns! total wast of air time

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