Grant and Jason’s B&B is haunted

I don’t know how others feel about last night’s Ghost Hunters episode, but I feel like I just watched an hour long infomercial for the Spalding Inn. The show certainly has changed from the days when the Ghost Hunters headquarters were located in a trailor.

What happened to any objectivity? What happened to any debunking?

Come on, an EVP of a British ghost that oddly enough sounds like Brandy, one of the investigators. An unbiased investigation means bringing in the Ghost Hunters International team rather than the Ghost Hunters  team?

Having said that, I guess that the true believers will march like lemmings to the Spalding Inn which will become the mecca of the paranormal. While I may not like what Jason and Grant are doing, I can’t argue with their strategy for making money.

I remember some time ago that Steve said that if a place were haunted it probably “wouldn’t have a gift shop.” I look forward to hearing about the wonderful gift shop at the Spalding where you can buy all sorts of  Taps gear.

To sum up the episode, the Spalding is a beautiful Inn. It is an old drafty but beautiful Inn. The door knobs rattle … a draft? Oh no its haunted. Odd sounds … a draft? Oh no its haunted. A shadow … its haunted.

The funniest part of the show was when Robb called Jason and Grant “hardcore skeptics”!  Ghost Hunters has turned into Most Haunted!


8 thoughts on “Grant and Jason’s B&B is haunted

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  1. I have to admit, I dig the show, but at some point some months back I read (I think) a comment from one of them that said in effect that places that they come to investigate get a spike in publicity and a jump in visitors.

    Since that comment, every time they would go out to some spot that was marginally touristy (the Aquarium in Georgia for example) I can’t help but get a twinge of the feeling that they are there in some kind of weird advertising/marketing gimick.

    Like product placement in a film, it smells of location placement.

    And the Spaulding episode just took it over the top.

    If you go to the taps page, you can actually see an add they made up to direct traffic. I’ll give them this much, their pretty creative in their promotion streams.

  2. did not see it but i do hope they never get rid of whats haunting the place. i cant stand grant and jason but i miss brian.

  3. I love the ghost hunters team and the show. They are the best when it comes to ghost hunting they just dont walk into a place with a physic and say oh my this place is haunted. They really try to disprove the rumors and they are very truthful with the people they investigate for. They are not in it for the money or to advertise for the places they go to. They did not even want to do the show at first and they didnt think it would even last this long. Great Show and hope it last a long time!

  4. love the show, however its truly remarkable that these folks believe in ghosts. I believe they exist only in ones imagination. old structures make many noises due to climate and humidity, wind expansion and contraction of building materials and mechanical noises. I agree that being in the dark is creepy but ” come on man ” there ain’t no such thing as ghosts. ps love you to investigate fort warren and look for the Lady in Black as i live right off the coast in Hull Ma

  5. What I want to know is why can’t they just can Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves Amy Bruni and Andy Andrews they are the most yes uh huh I saw it too bunch I have ever seen I enjoy the show so much better when these people are NOT on it, the new people are so much more enjoyable and honestly I am so sick of the star phobia child it’s just not amusing he’s afraid of practically everything and add’s nothing to the show like the rest of the yes men and women

  6. Well 7 years ago I posted what appears to me the last comment, 7 years later, I am going to slightly change the words to a 60’s/70’s song “Where all the Ghost Hunters gone, long time passing will they ever return again in some future time?” I thought they were just changing stations for where they were going to be, as for Spalding Inn I wish them the best, It’s really easy to judge but that’s not our place, are the situations real? Who knows, might be why it says for entertainment only when they first began. I believe ghosts are real, I don’t believe every creak or pop is a ghost. I am tired of reading about what appears to be jealous people mad because they didn’t think of something first and make a zillion dollars. I wish them much success along with, Ghost Asylem and Ghost Adventures and many others,don’t be a hater enjoy what they do at an entertainment level believe it’s real or don’t, but don’t ruin it for everyone nitpicking stuff that doesn’t matter put that kind of energy in to making the world a better place for everyone and helping all you can!

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