Paranormal State: The Possession

While cooling my jets waiting for tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters, I have decided to pull together a few thoughts about last Monday night’s episode of Paranormal State.

I told myself that I was not going to watch another episode of Paranormal State after watching the “I am Six” episode. However; I broke down and watched it again.

Clearly, the young lady is in need of  some help. No, not from a herd of teenaged exorcists but from some trained professional Psychiatrists.  Now the poor young lady has not only to deal with her sickness, but the added damage of the Paranormal State cast.

The show began with a family in Kentucky who claimed to have a demon that forced a family member to commit suicide. It was at this point that I hoped that the show would turn to some psychiatrists or grief councilors, but oh nooooooo. Chip “I see dead people” Coffey began with his “I am Six” drivel. I didn’t need tea leaves or to be psychic to see where this was headed.

We learn that for some reason the demon travels the Mississippi like Huckleberry Finn. Maybe we should call it Huckleberry demon. Anyway, we now rejoin the demonic battle with Demonologist Lorraine Warren, parapsychologist Dr. David Frederick, Father Bob, Scooby, and the gang.

Maybe its just me but the name Father Bob does not inspire confidence when I may be need of a demon fighting exorcists.  It reminds me of  when Willy was little and I had to endure that damn Bob the builder song.

Bob the Father

Can he exorcise?

Bob the Father

No he can’t

As the show progresses, it becomes clear that real help will not be coming to poor Laura. In time, Ryan, Scooby and the gang, give up and go home. Ryan writes it off as a “perfect possession” and plants the seed that if Laura isn’t saved then she will die. Thanks Ryan, that helped a whole lot.

That was so wrong on so many levels.

Paranormal State and A&E added to the pain and anguish of two families for nothing more that some damn ratings. Not only is it a sorry way to treat human beings but it also sets back paranormal research.

While they tried to go for drama, they only succeeded in tragedy. Having said that, there were a few comic moments. Take for example, Ryan with his Pee Wee herman-esgue body struggling to lift a tiny Laura. I though Ryan was about to hurt himself.

Ryan looked like a fool wearing ping-pong balls over his eyes while recreating the Ganzfeld Experiment .

Aside for that, I found very little funny about this episode.

If there was a Mississippi River traveling demon his name must have been exploitation.

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  1. I’m at odds. I’m a fan of Paranormal State because of its distinct drama element, but love your comical version of the shows events. As far as your point of view I guess it all depends on weather or not you believe in demons or not. Some people do and associate them to all sorts of ailments. Including mental or emotional disorders. I’m not sure how much a Psychiatrist would be able to help Lara, but I do believe some kind of second opinion of some type is in order. Even if its continual spiritual counseling from her church. I do think that as long as some one is going to show a view in the sense of a religious point of view that they should be a little bit more complete in the task. The ending kind of did leave the viewers hanging, but maybe there’s a reason for that. Like a “I am Six” sequel 3 or something. One question you may have to ask your self is “Is this show real?” I mean Chip is sitting there with ping pongs on his face and then out of the blue Lara’s mother calls. Prompted? Maybe. There’s a lot of questions that surrounds this “Paranormal State” show. Its like a blogger wet dream. Its the controversy that keeps us coming back for more.

  2. More than a few things bother me about the episode. For example, the chant “The Power of Christ Compels You” should have been “For it is the power of Christ that compels you, who brought you low by His cross” shouldn’t Father Bob have known that?

    I had someone point out to me the mysterious changing shirt. Ryan is wearing a striped shirt while wearing the lovely ping pong ball eyewear. He rushes upstairs to the sound of a scream. He is now wearing a black shirt and jacket. I totally missed it because I was watching Ryan struggle to pick the girl up.

    What does that mean? Either the shots are out of sequence or Ryan can change clothes really really fast.

    Go here to watch the old episodes …

    1. OMG; I have not laughed out loud so hard in months. A virtual shut in this weekend, I ended up seeing the Six episodes and found myself searching the net for the sequels. After watching everything (and feeling an overwhelming urge to call 911 for poor schizoprenic Laura even though I would be months too late) I came across your review of Scooby and the Gang!!! Thank you for making me giggle!!

      Poor Father Bob needs to lay off the weed.

  3. wow, i didnt read any of the comments because im so fed up with your bashing. Who are you to make fun of a persons name Barry? Who are you to comment on the credibility of any of those people you mentioned? How can you possibly say anything about things you have no idea about or experienced yourself? You make a complete and utter fool out of yourself. You can say whatever you want here on your pointless little blog i came upon by chance, but the truth is for all your education and life experience you have learned nothing about being a good human being.

    I cant even go on to say how wrong you are about every single thing you said.

    I suggest you never again comment on anyone but yourself.

    Your very existence is sad if this is the way you carry on in regular day life.

    1. Well Michael, I must say, you not only seem to take Barry’s opinion about very public people personally, but also you do the very thing you are accusing Barry of doing yourself!
      I have known Barry now, personally, for over a decade and you could not be any more wrong in YOUR assessment of Barry. He is kind, considerate, caring and very patient and tolerant of other’s opinions, even if he disagrees with them.
      Let me give YOU a suggestion. Grow up, get a life and realize that there are others with many differing opinions on things and they have the right to voice them. I fought in the US Marine Corps to keep this basic right for EVERYONE, including YOU! If you are unhappy with how someone voices their opinion, then either voice your opinion in reply in a constructive and non personal bashing way or just move on and don’t sweat the small stuff! There’s many different and better things in life to stand on your soapbox for, so choose more important battles. It’ll be so much better for your blood pressure and well being.

      1. Um, okay…. Can we just FIND something dumber to argue about? I think ALL of you need to get a life if you really are that concerned with what random people on the internet think.

  4. I really liked this episode.
    I agree the girl needs some serious help, but we dont really know if maybe they tried that already. And for all we know they are all in on it.
    I saw Ryan up close and personal at a dinner with Lorrain Warren, and while he is thin, he is not a small person. Very average.
    Whats with calling poor Lorrain Warren in from CT and then not really putting her in the show.
    I like this show as its entertaining, but come on people! It all scripted!

    Enjoy the blog.


  5. Okay I must admit that last night was the first time I’ve watched Paranormal State, well actually I didn’t really watch the whole thing. However, I watch enough to see that it was lame. There are crows in Delaware, I’ve seen them there and for that matter we have a crazy one outside of our office that comes around and beats itself up on the front windows! My family and I are Civil War reenactors and have had plenty of ghostly experiences on and off the battlefields. Next weeks episode is suppose to be in Gettysburg and I can only hope that they do it justice! It will be a huge disappointment if it turns out hoaxy!

  6. LOL! I laughed so hard it hurt. Not at the show, but your perspective of it. I’m not being sarcastic… you are gifted in comedy (seriously).
    Have you thought of writing or doing comedy.

  7. HAHAHAHA. You could not be MORE right. Are you kidding though? This whole show is a joke. If any human being with half a brain even thought for a second that ghosts and spirits do in fact exist after death- this show would change that real quick. A bunch of teenagers running around the country claiming to be able to “fix” things, but I have noticed a pattern: they NEVER do; EVER. The show goes nowhere and it ends just as quickly as it began. I would love for The Ghost Hunters to go to some of the places these teenagers do and tell them they have no evidence to show them, lol.

  8. one other thing ide like to point out is that it seems every single episode seems to have someone that has dealt with the occult/witch craft.. seems kinda odd that everyone they meet is into devil worship

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