Karosta Prison, Ghost Hunters International

Sadly, Most Haunted wasn’t on Friday night so I’ll talk about the season finale of Ghost Hunters International. The episode was about Karosta Prison, a place called “hell on earth.”
On my hypometer scale, I would give the show a 9 for hype. However; I would give it a 1 for content. The show centered on Karosta Prison a former Soviet prison. I found the location interesting and ghost stories compelling.
The show began with the narration stating that it would be the “End of the line” for one of the team. As it turns out, Angela will not be returning next season. Perhaps Ghost Hunters and the Scifi channel are learning how to treat people. It would have taken so little effort on their part to have extended the same courtesy to Brian and Andy. I wish Angela the best of luck in her future endeavors.
During the investigation, Robb caught an EVP of the word “lazy”. Maybe its just me, but all I hear is just static. Which begins up English being spoken at a soviet prison. This “Universal Consciousness” where the ghosts speak English sounds like something that would come from the Scifi channel … oh wait.
Later Robb and Angela see a dark shadow; unfortuneately, the camera shows nothing. In Robb’s world that means that the camera couldn’t pick up what was there, rather than the dark was playing tricks with his eyes.
They crew did manage to collect a couple on interesting EVPs of a woman’s voice. While I am certain that they were not Brandy’s nasal voice, I can not discount that they may have been Angela’s voice.
The crew also managed to capture the sound of rattling doors while the cameras showed no door movements. My thought was maybe the rattling wasn’t the doors. Call me crazy but maybe the rattling noise came from something other than residual sounds “trapped in time”. Trapped in time? That sounds like something from the scifi channel … oh wait.
Dustin thought that his pants were pulled, and Joe Chin thought that his shoulder had been tapped. Sadly, that was about it.
The only thing that puzzled me with this investigation was what the hell was that thing on Barry’s head?

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