Arkham Studios – Aleister Crowley Statue



Arkham Studios is making bronze statues and busts of your favorite occul characters. The prices start at 200 dollars.

Occultist, poet, chess player, mountain climber, sexual deviant…..all these things Crowley has been called, yet his influence on occultism is still felt today.

We wont tell you what piques our interest in him, but rest assured his decadent lifestyle and standing in the world of magic has garnered him a place in our pantheon of occult figures and collectibles.

via Arkham Studios – Aleister Crowley Statue.

Author: Barry

A knight is sworn to valor.

2 thoughts on “Arkham Studios – Aleister Crowley Statue”

  1. Do NOT buy anything from Arkham Studios, its proprietors, Bryan Moore and Heather Saenz are thieves. I ordered a Cthulhu statue for over $135 last September, which I was told would take four weeks to deliver. They subsequently put me off with tales of moving woes and other fantasies until PayPal’s 45 day dispute period had passed and then stopped responding to my emails entirely. I never received my statue and I’ve never gotten a refund. These people suck.

  2. The above order was sent out years ago to:

    Dave Schlesinger aka Lefty Shugendo
    499 Balch Way
    Ben Lomond, CA

    USPS tracking # 2310 3280 0000 4968 6886

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