Some fans liked him and some hated him, but Andy Andrews has vanished from the Ghost Hunters International like the phantoms that he so often hunted. Once again, neither the Scifi channel nor the Ghost Hunters International show has bothered to give the fans a reason for Andy’s departure. A simple gesture of courtesy to mention that a lead investigator would no longer be with the show seems to be beyond the abilities of both the Scifi channel and GHI. This kind of behavior should be expected; afterall, they have done it before to Brian Harnois.

Dustin Pari has been promoted to lead investigator and Joe Chin will be added to the team. Let’s hope that Dustin can learn how to wear his hat.

This week’s episode was The Ghost Child of Peru and the location was at Callao, PeruReal Felipe Fortress.

The episode was interesting; although, unremarkable. Brandy Green seemed to have had her feelings hurt when Robb and Dustin made the “falls mainly on the plain remark.” I’m sure that she took it as a dig about the way she talks.

GHI claimed to have filmed the ghost boy, but all I could see was Brandy’s reflextion in the show case. Maybe I’m wrong but I did not see a ghost boy. Nor did I see anything in the photos that Barry took.

If nothing else I enjoyed the beauty of the fort.