No more Andy, Ghost Hunters International


Some fans liked him and some hated him, but Andy Andrews has vanished from the Ghost Hunters International like the phantoms that he so often hunted. Once again, neither the Scifi channel nor the Ghost Hunters International show has bothered to give the fans a reason for Andy’s departure. A simple gesture of courtesy to mention that a lead investigator would no longer be with the show seems to be beyond the abilities of both the Scifi channel and GHI. This kind of behavior should be expected; afterall, they have done it before to Brian Harnois.

Dustin Pari has been promoted to lead investigator and Joe Chin will be added to the team. Let’s hope that Dustin can learn how to wear his hat.

This week’s episode was The Ghost Child of Peru and the location was at Callao, PeruReal Felipe Fortress.

The episode was interesting; although, unremarkable. Brandy Green seemed to have had her feelings hurt when Robb and Dustin made the “falls mainly on the plain remark.” I’m sure that she took it as a dig about the way she talks.

GHI claimed to have filmed the ghost boy, but all I could see was Brandy’s reflextion in the show case. Maybe I’m wrong but I did not see a ghost boy. Nor did I see anything in the photos that Barry took.

If nothing else I enjoyed the beauty of the fort.


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  1. Thank God, We really think ‘Andy’ is not a good show person, he drives us all crazy & ruins the shows. His TV personality is not ‘up to par’, he is annoying. The way he speaks, UG!!!
    Bring back Brian, Now that is a ghost hunter.

    1. hello ,

      I like ANDY he is a good investigator!!!!! I really miss him!!!!
      Im from france and I just wanna say : tu es génial!!!!

      Gros bisous

  2. I always got a laugh out of Andy. I still laugh thinking about him with that flashlight tapped to him arm. It was like a kid pretending to be a comic book super hero.

    I also get a laugh thinking about the time Andy dropped that expensive camera and nearly hit Joshua Gates.

  3. I know, Lose the flash light arm thing. Its amazing what you can do with duc tape! We laugh about it here too.
    Its like he is trying to be a drama Actor or something. He’s just not real.
    I know a lot of Real ghost Hunters, some very pro & others doing it for a hobby. & knowone speaks or acts like Andy!
    Andy is like a Bad 1930’s movie.

    The best about Brain, was he was real, like the rest of us. No act just real.
    Watching Ghost Adventures, is like being on our own hunt, its a no hold BS, cool & real ,with fun & laughs too.
    No soap opera crap of there lives. Just Ghost Hunting. Love it!
    Now, Paranormal State, UG!!!! if they hit one more home with their holy water, Please….. Stop watching that after second show.

    1. WTF!!! How can you sayBrian is real? He parades around acting like everything is haunted.I DONT BELIEVE HIM. The show only works if you are believing what you see. Brian is a horrible ghost hunter who obviously could not handle responsibility.

    2. I agree with you on Brian. He seemed like someone you’d meet working at a gas station if you went to Connecticut or somethin’….accent and all. Real guy doing his thing. Andy……meh. Andy always came off like the teacher’s pet type…..always trying too hard, searching for a compliment. Paranormal State and their always calling in that Chip Coffey the medium…..Chip seems like a 50-sumthin’ child molester to me. Too goofy to be believable.

  4. Bring back Brian. If you guys called yourself his friends, you could have fooled me. This ex cop steve must have quit the force because no cop I know can’t go up stars, fly etc and stay on the force. Now the poor guy is maiming himself with tattooes. Hope he gets some help.. BB


    2. Steve is great . Believe it or not cops have flaws like the rest of us. Do u know why he is not a cop anymore? Maybe it is not our business to know. Stop hating when you dont have no idea what is going on . Mayne you need the help
      And too mb, no he didnt clean the station , he was a officer !!!!!!!!!!!
      You all need to just watch the show and forget about their personal lives. DC

  5. I want Brian back. He was the only one of the group that seemed like a real person. Not a butt kisser like Steve. Have watched GH from it’s beginning and always like Brian. Don’t SCFI and the show owe the fans some word on these stars? Do not like Barry. He tends to scream like a big girl and see things in his photos that are not there.

  6. Reply to ‘CJ’ &’BB’, you both are soooooo right!
    Bring back Brian, and get rid of Steve & Barry!
    Start a show with real Ghost Hunting groups/society from all over the world, Now that I would watch. I would love to see how other groups do their investigating & other places that are not the same, Stanley, Waverly, Eastern Pen, etc. Lets see real ghost hunters, in real hometown haunts! A different group each week. How about that SCFI & A&E!!

  7. I adored Brian, I want him back, and I think Jay has been jealous of him all along. Why else would he constantly pick on him? Sometimes the so-called bosses are the biggest idiots and dump the best parts of their own shows. Guys, you were Morons to get rid of Brgan!

    1. I totally agree with you. There was definitely a personality conflict between Jason and Brian. Poor Brian was always being picked on by Jason. So Brian would forget some things sometimes, so no one is perfect, yet Jason seemed like he would look for anything to jump on Brian about. I really felt sorry for Brian; he could be so funny at times, especially when he said, “If one of those dolls eyes open, I would probably crap myself”, or when he found that pen, or what ever it was, that made farting sounds. He would do the funniest things, and I would laugh so hard. Remember: “Run Dude” at that old prison, I thought that was pretty funny too — he is only human, and at least he wasn’t afraid to show that something really did scare him. Brian should be a Paranormal Comedian. I miss Brian too, as he made the show lighten up every so often, and made people in the audience be able to have something to laugh at, and that would make the scenes not so serious. I really don’t dislike any of the ghost hunters of all these types of shows that I watch, except for the British ghost hunter show because, practically through every show, almost all through the shows I mostly heard BEEP, BEEP, BEEP because they had such dirty words that were said soooooo many times. I wrote to the Travel Channel about it, and said it should be taken off. I haven’t checked to see if it has been removed. Any way, I think Brian could make up a group of ghost hunters and be a fair leader, or be Paranormal Comedian; he’d be perfect for either one.

  8. Brian was a ok dude but Andy with all his so called debunking, and his sciencetific approach!!Does anyone know his science back ground???MIT CAL TEC, or home schooled??

  9. I love seeing others with the same opinions.It validates what I think while watching the show. GH is still the best.GHI is ok but I use it as the show that gets me over the hump until GH comes back. Oh yeah and OMG they were in San Diego and no one alerted me? I figured Brian left because of his family. I was so annoyed when I saw Andy was back and on the new show. I thought someone wised up and realized what a nerd (1980’s bad kind not 2000’s smart kind) he was so if he is really gone this time…hasta don’t let the ghosts scare ya on the way out. As for Barry, and even Rob sometimes, I have really tried to like him but they are both just way to serious. Even Jay and Grant make fun of things.

  10. I really miss Brian on GHI- he was comic relief surrounded by the lackluster personalities of Rob and Andy. If Barry ends up dissapearing, I’m starting a “Missing Ghost-Hunters Hunters” group. MGHH.

  11. yea, so long andy. he was always my least favorite on the show. i don’t belive anything that comes out of this kid’s science background for this guy. he has a degree in theater education, f.y.i. maybe now they can save the show from it’s boring (yet interesting locations) first season.

  12. it’s not a surprise andy left. if you all remember at the end of last year his wife had a baby so i’m sure since he missed the birth he now wants to spend time with his kid.

    shocked though bout all the brian lovers since he gets hated on another boards.

    but back to andy – departures without answers are common with GH like paula and lisa

  13. Another main chracter leaves GHI unexpectedly, What a surprise. The travelling most likely did it. Brian stated on his radio program with Donna that they spend about six months away from home filming. Both Brian and Andy have newborns so they most likely left to reestablish their family life. It’s better that they left with some dignity with GHI than stay with GH. GH has appeared to have lost some credibility since they first aired. It seems they are reaching to create experiences for the show. GH has voices that sound like they are coming from a radio (Halloween 2008 episode) to Grant claiming a ghost moved his blanket while he slept(a couple seasons back).

    Food for thought: If you see anything that is white or red on the FLIR it is hot or warm. If they show a human shape that is red or white that shape is a living thing(not a ghost). If is green or bluish it is not a living thing or the heat source is well insulated from the FLIR.

  14. I’m glad Andy is gone. He was unbelievably annoying. Taping the flashlight to his sleave was the last straw for me (and others, I suspect). He was also whiny and way too sensitive (and not in the paranormal sense). As far as Brian – he got a little cocky on GHI. He was in a leadership role for a change, but seemed to not take things as seriously as he should. Give the current crew a chance. It’s definitely going in the right direction.

  15. I WANT BRIAN BACK!!!!!! I have watched since the first episodes and right off the bat I noticed Steve would suck up when Jay and Grant were around but then would turn right around and egg Brian on with jokes etc. when the big shots weren’t around. So, who would always get in trouble between the two guys, surprise Brian.

    So, Brian left a mouse back at the office, it’s sure Steve has made a few mistakes but we never here about those. Jason would always pat Steve’s back and say good job guys.

    Brian can run rings around Steve or any of the long list of constant changing cast members. At least Brian has a personality.

    And just a foot note, Steve, you are not cool! GHI is so boring, they just go to the same spots every other show has done. BORING!!


    1. Ever notice how when Jay is gone, Grant actually does have a personality? He needs to start a show with him, Donna, Brian, and all the other Jay/Steve abuse victims. Watch out Dave Tango, as soon as you stop being the new whip-boy, you’re history. Did you hear the snide comments from Steve when you said you liked to read? Show signs of intelligence and you’re also history. There is only room for fawning ass-kissers in their world. I hear Jay has 5 kids and I can absolutely guarantee you that at least 1 of them is being treated like Steve and another 1 like Brian. God what a nightmare to have for a father! Brian was in the Air Force. Thank God they taught him to have a backbone! Brian if you’re reading this, please do not EVER go back to that show. As the bumper sticker on your SUV should say: “Dude, Run!”….

  16. What is this love affair they have with Steve “I am afraid of everything, even a speck of dust”? And all of those tatoos are disgusting. I think they are a sexual symbol for this guy, and that can’t be good. Even that girl friend he had on one episode was gross. Maybe Brian isn’t the best, but come on, he does it and it is totally bad, Steve does the same thing, and oh its ok; they are all suffering from wanting Grant and Jason to like them, and to be truthful, I don’t think they like anyone but themselves. When they are supposed to be investigating, they are constantly talking about personal issues, what is that? Jason still needs to take English lessons. There is no excuse for bad language especially if you are Anglo-Saxons.

  17. I’m sure glad that I’m not the only one annoyed by Steve! All the comments about Steve, above, that I read are right on.

    Steve would set up Brian for failure. One show Brian was responsible for set up and tear down. Brian looked everywhere for a mouse, but couldn’t find it then Steve shows up and says, calmly, it’s in Steve’s trunk. Now why in the world would Steve put a mouse in his trunk (under HIS lock and key)? There’s no reason whatsoever, except to make Brian look bad, yet again!

    As for Andy, yeah he’s annoying, but he seems to grow on you. He’s very smart, and I learn interesting tidbits from him. Like the time they were in that castle that was built into the side of a mountain. The water(?) and the limestone were conductors of energy that would feed energy to the spirits. I found that interesting, so he kinda grew on me after that…I guess an acquired taste.

    Surely Jason and Grant have seen their own shows and see how badly they treated Brian, I hope they picked up the phone and called Brian to apologize, and quit looking at Steve so favorably.

    1. It is too much about how Steve is afaid of every think but ghosts. How did he make it as a cop. The criminals must have had the upper hand with him.

  18. Andy was annoying. His mouth made me want to punch babies. I’m glad he’s gone.
    I liked Brian… but I see why he left. He had a lot going on in his personal life apparently. You could really tell that he loved being in Taps but you could also tell that he was slipping up on a lot of things.
    As for Steve… come on guys! Lay off him! He’s a good guy. Yeah he comes off as being a bit of a suck up sometimes but that doesnt make him a bad ghost hunter. He’s a really sweet guy who loves doing what he does.

    Did anyone see that Andy was caring a gun or something during the Aston Mansion episode?

  19. I have to say that Andy was my favorite he may have family things to do now but it’s not the same without him to help his team “debunk” the claims.
    Brian Harnois is a changed man because of Michelle his fiancee` and Mackenzie his little girl.

    1. I love Andy, I realy like his work and I think he made a great job.
      I hope he come back; And Brian is funny.. he made a good job too.
      But, I realy don’t understand why some GHI friends didn’t helped Brian with his problem.

  20. I think all problems with Brian was just trumped up for some twisted dramatic flair on Jason’s part. With that kind of treatment from Jason, it was no wonder that Brian was unhappy. Just watching some of the episodes and listening to Jason badmouth Brian made me cringe and think that Jason is a control freak. Grant seems like he is the more passive one. He follows Jason around like a little puppy. I think they would be more credible if they would separate from the hip and each one investigate with a junior investigator. I think it’s ridiculous that J&G have to always be together. It’s almost obsessive.

  21. Andy was annoying in my opinion. I thought Brian could be annoying at times, but you’d probably be irritated if every move you made was chastised on national tv. How about the episode where Brian’s wife had a baby? Jason explains Brian won’t be on the California investigations due to “personal issues”. If his having his firstborn child is a personal issue in Jason’s mind then it makes me question all the OTHER personal issues we heard about, but were never told what they were! Who says that? I thought it was so low class, especially from a man with at least 5 kids.

    1. Yep, rem when Jason’s kid broke his arm? Jason left the investigation and they acted like the kid was in ICU or something.

  22. I have have not seen the last year or so of Ghost Hunters – what did I miss? I know Brian and Andy are gone – I can understand Brian but why Andy? When did GHI start? Where can I catch up on episodes? I know, too many questions!!! LOL

  23. The thing I really liked about Brian was that he seemed to be the most passionate investigator on the team. The ghosts also seemed to be around him, and he was animated at their presence. I always thought that the reason he was kept on was that he was popular, as well as Donna. I’d bet that both will show up with their own series, Im sure they will have a large fan base.

  24. I apparently am alone here but I am glad Brian is gone and I hope he stays that way. The man was unprofessional and acted like a child. I am honestly surprised anyone even likes that guy. I would stop watching and boycotting the show if he came back.

  25. What the hech has happened to
    andy Andrews. It just seems that he was droped from the show with out any explinations to the fans of the show who happened to like Andy. I think the show or Rob , or someone owes us an explanation as to what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Paula – left because she was suffering from Crohns Disease – they actually DID show that on one episode. Andy was a completely annoying over-actor looking for his 15 mintutes. Brian had a crap attitude like he hated his job – eh, who wants to watch that? Ghost hunting is supposed to be fun!
    I love the show but I don’t often “see” what they are seeing ie pictures, shadows, evps, K2 conversations. I love how they ask leading questions with the K2 like everytime the lights light up the “ghost” is answering in the affirmative – give me break! On very rare occasions they catch something that creeps me out – very very rare occasions

  27. Just a thought, What happened to the new guy that won the spot on the team last year. Was he military? I am retired military and would like to be on the show because not much bothers me. Having been and seen most of the world and seeing what othere will never see I would be friggin boring. A ghost jumps out and grabs me, my response “Humph” I do “see things” and have been asked to walk thru houses to pick out a presence. I have explained a lot and do have a gift passed down from my Grandma so hey, put me on the show. I can run around scared, shout “holy shit” and cuss with the best of them and I have some tattoos. Hey, where is my contract?

  28. let me start by saying i do believe in ghost but these fools are a joke i cant believe they get paid to act that badly. if they ever really seen a ghost they would shit there pants! now that would be worth watching lol

  29. I think that the guys where not treated correctly, this is true. I am a member of Brian’s Blog on myspace and alot of what was going on did indeed have to do with family life. Brian didnt go in to details on his blog and I respect him for that. Let’s just suffic it to be said that family came first for Brian instead of going around hunting ghosts.

    As for Andy, the man is very intellegent and does know what he is talking about when it comes to the paranormal. Maybe folks are just intimidated by his knowledge. who knows, but I for one would love to learn from Andy- to him nothing is real and has an explination for it. He comes at paranormal with the scientific mind which is how this feild needs to go.

    And everyone must remember that we do not know the whole stories behind why the guys aren’t on the shows. and frankly, it’s none of our business.

  30. THANK GOD!!! TOTAL DOUCHEBAG, he had little man syndrome/napolean complex soooo bad, plus he had that crispin glover/pedophile vibe to him. Cant believe he is married let alone can procreate. Also hated how he was an EXPERT on everything, you know the guy, the kinda of person that has a little (and i mean little) amount of knowledge and gets dangerous with it and thinks he knows everything

  31. They never said why Donna did not come back to GHI, so why take time to say why Andy did not come back? It is not like he was that good as an investigator. Andy has a new baby….so, maybe that is why. *** I hope Andy Andrews does NOT come back because he is annoying as hell. I can’t imagine him ever snapping out of his insatiable neediness as that is, most likely, for life. And, even if he does? He will be forever annoying. Yeah, absolutely Brian needed to grow up, but it was more annoying to have Jay and Grant coddle him as THAT is what created a little monster. As the saying goes: ‘Say what you are going to do, and then do it.’ G and J NEVER put their foot down — Brian is the one who left. Brian is not needy, he just wanted to do whatever he wanted to do. Brian had a kid, and a new wife I think, and he seems to have grown up. Brian is funny at least, esp when he is with Steve. Andy is just pathetic. He echoes the exact words others say one second behind them as if he somehow thought of the idea. At least when Steve dressed up with “long braids and Portuguese 5’oclock shadow” he was laughing at himself. Andy is SERIOUS when he goes barnstorming off in his gooneys outfit to “the powder room”, and he gets all kinds of bent out of shape if you laugh. There is nothing funny about that. The sitting in a corner thing saying “I have a migrane” (to Dustin) is something grade school kids do. Its sad, really. I think he was coddled as a child (hint: don’t do that to children as you end up with an Andy, or a ‘millennial’ – look it up), and most definitely think he needs therapy to get past the exhausting neediness. He obviously wants peoples approval — but he has some work to do first. Enough of Andy Andrews. *I* could do the debunking he does (really stupid, tiny stuff). Andy is not an exceptional ghost hunter, and only someone exceptional should be the “lead investigator”. -Lesley

  32. THANK GOD ANDYS GONE!! I was never able to pinpoint what a “geek” was until I was introduced to that waste of life… Now if they would only get rid on gay Barry with the flavor-saver I could once again enjoy the show.

  33. Here’s an idea. Go to the SyFy page on Andy. *GASP* “JSJ, we actually have to stop ragging on someone who actually has a brain long enough to do our own research!?”

    Since this board is chock full of “superior minds” I’m sure you all went to the SyFy page on Andy to check out his biography. Here’s the URL,


    For any of you Einsteins out there that would rather stay ignorant, here’s a copy/paste from the page,

    ” Andy Andrews, a former member of Ghost Hunters’ The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), appeared on the show in its first season. A skilled investigator, he brings more than 16 years of experience to the GHI team, and he approaches each case with the open-minded skepticism for which TAPS is known.

    Before joining TAPS, Andy founded Rhode Island Paranormal, an organization that investigated supernatural claims all over his home state. Currently, Andy resides in Sterling, Conn., and works as a teacher for individuals with autism. At home, he enjoys adding to his collection of vintage motorcycles and spending time with his family in their 300-year-old (haunted) Georgian Colonial. ”

    “OMG JSJ you must be Andy’s butt buddy!”

    Those ba$tards at SyFy are trying to fool us by hiding the truth in plain site!

    Andy must be a bad guy! He teaches autistic people/children now instead of spending months at a time away from his family chasing shadows! The nerve of some people!

    To those of you who “know it all”, I’m almost sorry for tweaking your collective noses but for the love of all that is holy use a little deductive reasoning of your own so you can figure out the answers to your own questions instead of being card carrying members of the “Tin Foil Hat Club” that see conspiracies and misinformation in everything that is around them.

    I apologize if I have any misspellings, grammar goof-ups etc. in this post. I’m just laughing in advance imagining some of the freakout/wanna be clever posts that people are going to write in response to this one.

    Yes I liked Andy on the show. Yes I’m having fun at picking on some of the people here. No I’m not Andy’s butt-buddy. That should cover a few questions that may be asked after this is posted.

    1. This should end up making you climb a bell tower with a rifle, I also like Barry.

      Your comeback post is weak.

      My post wasn’t just meant towards you. It was in response to all of the other wanna-be braniacs that have posted here.

      It amazes me how some people get a superior attitude and then get their feathers ruffled when they get a response.

      1. JSJ – Andy comes across as an annoying overacting know-it-all who knows nothing and acts like he is on scooby doo. He may be the nicest guy in the world and a professor but that doesn’t come across in filming. Personally – I know that shows are edited and real life is different. I’m a nice person too but would probably come across differently on TV. He may be a great paranormal investigator but most of us don’t see it. If these comments offend you so much – start a new thread and stop reading this one.

        1. The comments don’t offend me personally in the least. In fact I’m still chuckling over the Scooby Doo comparison. I won’t be able to get that one out of my head now when I see re-runs. Now when I see a TAPS or GHI vehicle I’m going to see the 60’s themed “Mystery Machine” in my head. Now I’m wondering which member from either series is who in Scooby-Doo.

          As to my tone in my postings, stupid people irritate me to no end and the comment section on this blog is no exception.

          To be honest this will be entertaining for me when people start to yell at me here.

          I just hope I’m still checking this page out when they do.

          Both series entertain me, but since the last halloween special I’m starting to wonder if the shows are starting to lean more towards the entertaining part than the actual ghost hunting. I still am trying to figure out if the voice that sounded like it came from a bad speaker and the two tugs on Grant’s collar were real or staged. I hate to say it was staged if it wasn’t.

  34. The crease isn’t what makes me wonder because it really isn’t definitive on whether or not the tug would have come from the top of the collar or not. You’d have to assume that is where and how the jacket was pulled. The 3D video animation that someone made isn’t what grabs my attention either. It’s not even Grant’s over the top reaction that makes me take pause, because people react in different ways in different situations to different stimuli. It’s the fidgeting on Grant’s right side wiith his right hand before and after the tug that has me wondering. He uses his left hand immediately to grab at his own collar and barely moves his right one for a while even though he is right handed. If that happened to me I would be willing to bet, I would think, that I would immediately grab my collar with both of my hands rather than just my non-dominant one.

    It was a live show on Halloween that was getting a bit repetitive and drawn out. If Grant did fake that tug then it was likely done to spice the show up.

    If it was even a one time thing/deception it would throw away the credibility of anything that TAPS has ever done or ever will do. Even worse, since TAPS is a high profile paranormal investigation organization it would cast a poor light over the field in general ruining any gains in credibility that paranormal investigation has made in the past.

    1. I love the analysis. During this episode they also had the obvious radio/recorder playing in one of the underground tunnels. Grant has a trend of paranormal(possible string attachments) activity following him. I can’t remember the actual episode but Grant was sleeping in a hotel room when blanket on him pulled up over his feet. I don’t believe this was a one time deception.

  35. If GH or GHI is being influenced by the show’s producers to enhance the paranormal with non paranormal duping, these shows will be found out and will not survive. TAPs could also lose all credibility in the industry. The show’s main personna is it’s ability to present an actual footage of paranormal activity, as justified by scientific and or personal experiences. My advice is to listen to the audience and just present the paranormal. Maybe changing up personnel often could be beneficial to enhance it’s credibility. Lets face it, they are attempting to present believable evidence of the paranormal to a mostly non believiong audience. I dont think that Andy was a bad investigator, he may have been the most credible. His problem was his on camera ability to positively influence the audience. He seemed to be a duck out of water in front of the camera in some of the scenes. Also remember that the directors and editors can chop and add anything they want to enhance the program’s watching appeal. Conversely, Brian seemed to have better on screen acceptability, albeit either loved or hated. The scenes where he was the center of attention in the arguments with Jason and Grant were certainly met to attract more audiences and ratings.
    Finally I have a little beef with GH. For 2 years I had sent them evidence of paranormal at the West Va Insane Asylum, as well as a book on it by a local author. I did not hear from them. Then all of a sudden there it was on an episode of GH. It seems that the building was purchased by someone who also contacted GHI. I have no idea how they pick their sites to investigate, however, it became obvious that they do not review the evidence sent to them on their web site. Hopefully, in the future they will listen to the viewers, as well as review evidence sent to them via their web site or mail.

  36. As this evening was my first foray onto this forum I am pleased to see so many ppl with so very many opinions. I only have one thing to add to all of the above…..Regardless of who you like or how you feel about the investigative approaches of some, they have all contributed tremendously to the popularity of paranormal research. They have helped carry this pursuit into mainstream society and allow those of us who are paranormal investigators more opportunity to investigate, learn about this phenomena and share it with others.

  37. My first time to this forum as well. Yes, many opinions. GH and GHI are my absolute all time fav shows to watch. I love all the ppl who are on them and who have been on except one. Only one person sucked so bad I was thrilled to know he only lasted one show and thats the Other Brian. You know the dumb one whe smushed a slug in his hand and left the investigation to go to the bar across the street and claimed he was only washing his hands. LoL. Brian Harnois was great. He tended to say Dude a bit much but he still was awesome. Andy I thought was sweet as pie. He was so clueless most of the time but still sweet. Steve, yea guess he’s kinda a brown noser but he doesn’t want to upset the boss…and really who does? He should get his hands slapped a bit, he is forgetful too, but they just blow it off. How bout the show where they brought Brian back, Steve wasn’t happy…Steve forgot a table at another investigation. They blew it off. Poor Brian forgot things but at least it was at the office…not someones house. wonder if those ppl sold that table on ebay. ROFL. Grant, totally awesome. Hes such a nice guy…hot too 🙂 Jason…well I got mixed views on him.I liked him better in beginning. Donna…Loved her! Tango..hes cool, kinda a jokester. Falls for anything. Think hes funny as hell. Hope he sticks around. Well I can go on and on bout all of them. like I said, I liked all the ppl that were on the show and Im warming up to the new ones. Each have their own personalities that make the shows really good. That Other Brian was the only pure ass ive seen on the show.

    1. I agree with most of your opinions except the part about the immature Brian and more immature (squashed slug) Brian. Those two drove me crazy. I like all of the GH crew equally. I would like to know why they let Donna and Andy go. I can’t stand that Josh on Destination Truth. He truly has an annoying personality along with his irritating nasal voice.

  38. How can the women crew memebers expect to pick up EVPs when they never shut their mouths. And such stupid conversations. Get rid of the bitches and your show will be better. I’m amazed that they are kept on, unless there is more to this than meets the eye.

  39. I am a woman too and agree the chicks on this show give women a bad name – shut the heck up and ghost hunt already. quit the abnoxiuos squeeling and stupid banter – its so unprofessional. I mean why do they even keep them on the show?

  40. I have watched this show since it started.If you remember Jason was the skeptic at first.Now things happen to him all the time.The evps they have now I can hardly hear much less make out the words.Money corrupts all.They have to make things happen to keep buying huge hotels and quit pumping sewers.

  41. I hope most of you people made a Brian fan club. I would like to say that first your limited on what you see of the interactions between Jason, Grant and, Brian. You have no clue how any of them act outside of the show and what is not shown on the show. Personally I am not a fan of Brian but I respect his ghost hunting ability and the fact that he left GHI to be with his family. I thought that Andy was really good at debunking claims, just because you don’t have a degree in science doesn’t mean you don’t know what science is. I have watched Ghost Adventurers *the first 2 hour show* and was deeply impressed with what they caught and how they did their research. After watching a couple of episodes off of their first season i feel like they are overdoing everything to attempt to get more “fame”, all the yelling and swearing was really really over the top and not needed. I have seen some worse shows though then GH GHI and GA. In Extreme Paranormal *my girlfriend informed me of the name of the show* a guy started to write runes in his own blood on the floor………yea……ok now. Well thats all I have to say at the moment…probably come back later *oh and i have not yet watched Ghost Lab if anyone has seen it. My girlfriend described it as “LAME”.*

  42. I have never been one to write blogs or responses to TV situations. But…as far as I am concerned, Ghost Hunters has become very trite and boring with its current cast of characters. My belief is that Steve set Brian up…..wanting to have his 15 minutes of fame. His humor is hurtful and very personally defaming….his phobias are really something else. When Brian and Andy were dropped from GH and GHI, the shows became another “soap opera” scenario. I always thought Brian was a bit of a screw up, but he was dedicated, extremely interesting and brought a wonderful sense of humor to the show. The current cast….DOA. By the way, I am 72 years old, very educated and love the paranormal. I have since switched to Destination Truth..great cast, great episodes.

    1. Destination Truth is a joke. The whole cast is annoying especially Josh. They waste time and money flying back to the USA to have somebody view their lame evidence. To me the Ghost Hunters are more credible and I’m happy that the very immature Brian is gone. Brian never took responsibility for his mistakes.

      1. Really Special K?

        What show were you watching? I saw Brian apologize, oh, about, let’s see 35 times for his mistakes, and it STILL wasn’t enough to appease the almighty TAPS team!

        I also saw Brian take shit from Hawes when STEVE was the one who did it!!

        Yeah, the show is about as exciting as watching paint dry without Brian.

  43. I remain very, and I do mean very, skeptical of all of these shows. However; I must admit that I am looking forward to seeing Destination Truth each week. I still can’t understand what a mid-season finale is? Is it mid-season or a finale? Come on DT people whats up with that???

  44. I gotta say that while I still enjoy both GH and GHI, I don’t feel they are as “interesting” as they were originally. Altho I do believe they are better than the assortment of “clones” that have followed… But, it’s difficult to really become interested in a particular “character” when you never know how long they will be around. And they are generally “just gone”, with no explanation to the fans as to why. Kind of tells me the people running things have little respect for the fans, as long as a buck is turned… And Brian Harnois, from what I understand, left on his own accord, altho I am equally sure that Jason and Grant did not encourage him to stay. I still recall Jason once saying that Brian was a good friend of his, and had been for many years. Guess Jason believes in that old saying about “climbing over anyone to get to the top”. Brian was an occasional screw-up I admit, but still, he added “interest” to the show, and I appreciated the entertainment value and “drama” (for lack of a better word) that he brought as well. He was kind of the “anti-hero” that every show needs, and which GH no longer has… And while I am at it, let me say that I still miss Donna. I appreciated her more than most of those who followed…… At present I enjoy Destination Truth, but I’m afraid it may head down the same path as GH and GHI have… A suggestion here: When the cast changes, as I am sure it will, have enough respect for the fans to at least tell them that so-and-so has left to “pursue other interests”, and will be replaced by so-and-so.

  45. I too liked Brian and Donna. I have often wondered if Jason was so hard on Brian because it came him a feeling of power and control? Something that he appeared not to have at home. One episode showed him taking alot of flack from his wife about going on an investigation; and even Grant said during the same episode that his wife was understanding and supportive whereas, Jason’s wife had real issues with their travels. Obviously, from the look on Jasons face, his wife wears the pants in that relationship. Personally, I am not interested in their home life, I just have a real problem with Jason being such a jerk with his employees as a way to boost his bruised ego.

  46. I like the idea of Brian and Donna starting their own show. I think they would be great!!! I also agree that Grant without Jason shows promise and personality. He seems like a nice guy but, is overshadowed by Jason.


  47. chew on this one for a while.
    andy & angela leave the show during the same season. angela to get married, andy, dont know, didnt hear why.
    andy & angela were never on the same episode together. andy & angela never did analysis’ together.
    andy & angela were both extremely irritating, in my opinion.
    andy & angela are the same height, build, face shape and eyes. we know andy’s last name; never knew angela’s last name
    i think andy & angela are the same person.
    watch some old episodes & think about it.

  48. I enjoy ghosthunting. I wished they would create a series that really dealt with the subject. Let’s get rid of the phoney music and the fake evidence and do a really scientific study, for once. Screaming in the dark and gabbing during the whole investigation is not scientific methodology. Set up the cameras and recorders and just leave. Let it pick up what in will. By the way, does anyone know if TAPs still does ghosthunting?

  49. Jason seems to be a “DICK”…seeing old episodes proves how nasty of an employer he is. Andy was great and I felt sorry for Brian. Steve is racking in the benefits; probably a “DICK” too. It’s too bad and the show is getting so boring! Ghost Lab much better. Ghost Hunters is on it’s way out.

  50. Watching some old GH episodes and saw Andy which lead me to see what he was up to and to this blog. I don’t usually post but it has been fun reading most of your thoughts. Watching since day one. I liked Andy. And getting rid of members without letting us know is b/s. Donna, Brian and Andy. Brian was real but he didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t like the banter between he and Jason/Grant. It all looked staged. I so agree that they need to stop piping in the music during each episode. How can we hear something when we are watching the episode. Chris is ok but Amy is kind of annoying. She repeats what the other investigators say. The show is starting to be about how much face time they get on the show each episode instead of the evidence, beginning to remind me of Most Haunted where they tape their reactions instead of the room. Pure entertainment. I really hope they get their act together because they have caught some really good evidence. The collar definitely looked staged and we were really disappointed because we thought these guys were legit. Hopefully it was an anomaly. And lastly why does Grant or who ever is driving have to have the walky-talky while they are driving. Isn’t that against the law and a bad example when there is always someone else in the car not driving.

  51. I heard Donna on a radio show say that she, Brian and Andy all went bankrupped because of the minimum pay they all got. Donna had to move back home. Apparently Jason and Grant keep most of the money for themselves (maybe why they could affort buying a resort).

  52. I read on another website that Andy was caught faking evidence. That’s why he’s not on the show anymore. :o/

  53. Jason is hateful, and lazy acting. Grant is Jason’s little puppy dog.
    I miss Brian, and wish that cry baby Steve was gone. I am tired of watching him cry over every little thing. What a wimp. I agree, get rid of the women. They never shut up. I like Ghost Adventures much more.

  54. Is there anyway I can get a hold of him? If he went to the yellow school in south byfield massichuets! I need to get ahold of him. This is your long long, lost girlfriend! You talked to my brother and invited me out to eat; im sorry I couldn’t make it. Please andy if you get this message e mail me!!! at! I really have missed you. Wondering and worrying about where you are; and how you are. If you cant get ahold of me by that email, try You have always been close to my heart.
    I really really, hope i can hear from you soon!!
    Love Always. Marie Elaine Kent.

  55. Quit hating on any of them, I too miss Brian and Donna also for a little guy Andy sure had some, to go places none of the others would go. And as for Jason. You are all just jealous. He is by far the Ultimate Male. His wife is an extremely lucky lady. Steve is Awesome too. Grant is adorable. Kris is beautiful and brave I wish I could be her. ( to be surrounded by these guys! especially Jason ) And then theirs Tango, a real sweetheart. I would probably just pass out to meet Jason in person. Actually I know I would.

  56. I believe andy went out was cause his wife was pregnence, and his wanted to care of his son. I liked a lot of andy, he search the answers and didn’t have afraid. Bye andy !

  57. Ghosthunters was a really cool show in the beginning. Someone had a really good idea to show personal banter and conflicts between the investigators before, during and after investigations. In my opinion, this really worked well. Somewhere along the way they eliminated it and the show has suffered immensely. It’s nowhere near as entertaining as it once was. I continue to watch based on how much I USED to like it but, sadly, it’s just not the same. They’ve gotten rid of ALL the personal banter and conflict. The forced, cheesy attempt at humor between Steve and Tango doesn’t even approach filling the void. Sometimes I wonder WHY I STILL tune in. Someone compared watching the current cast and episodes like “watching paint dry”…..I agree implicitly. Losing Brian Harnois from the show was a big mistake….the banter between him and Steve (the straight man) is sorely missed. Brian’s unique and enthusiastic style of investigation as well as the chemistry between himself and the cast is what helped shape Ghosthunters into the original hit it once was. I find myself watching now for the sole purpose of seeing how tight Kris Williams clothes are. If they don’t zoom in on Krissy’s chest or ass, the show’s a dud. To be honest, I miss the way the show was. In my opinion, their greatest episodes were the ones in which Brian H. was featured…who could forget “Dude, run!” or St. Augustine Lighthouse, etc. They simply don’t have GOOD episodes anymore….unless Krissy gets camera time….and even THAT goes just so far. The bottom line is, someone at SyFY f’ed up and refuses to acknowledge their mistake. If you ask me that someone should be fired….or the show should be cancelled….or zoom in on Krissy’s butt more. Either way, a good show got ruined and the poor guy who helped make it good got the shaft. He should’ve been retained at any cost. When you catch lightning in a bottle you don’t change anything! DUH! Would Happy Days have been what it was without The Fonz…?! NO. Hope Brian Harnois pops up somewhere and has the last laugh. It’s already long overdue. Give the man his own “paranormal” show and put it up in SAME timeslot to compete against GHs.

    P.S.- Destination Truth sucks dead moose….’nuff said.

  58. About Andy !
    Please, please, please ! Bring back Andy !
    ANDY, please, COME BACK !!!!!
    You make an excellent job. Do not vanish! Do not abandon us!
    From your Brazilian fans. We adore you.
    (We all adore to stay with all of you. Tuesday is the day when everything may happen. We learn so many things with you all. We do not want none of you abandon us. Never !!!!! Thank you for all your enchantement. Brian, for example, might resolve his familiar problems and then return. We are disappointed with Andy’s and Brian’s vanishment. Very sad..

  59. 50% if not more are faked sounds and video and as for personal exp ,, who knows. Fact is : how interested would scifi channel be to cont filming and pay these guys A LOT OF MONEY if nothing happened during their investigations? the only reasonable conclusion wold be that they make something happend themselves. They make a lot of money on this show and the last thing they want is to see it cancelled, they even brag about it in a show where they had ghi investigate Jason and grant´s recently purchased mansion or what ever it was , it didn´t look cheap, and the Ghost´s payed for it. Wow I would be sooo pissed if i where a ghost.

  60. I like the shows but I have a question ot two. Why did Tobb and the two girsl that wotked with him (blondes) leave the show. I and a few other people like them and now you put Chris and I’m sorry but I must be having a brain cramp because I forgot his name , he is the Irish las, Barry I think I apologize for not getting it right. Anyway thos Chris seems like a nice girl she doesn’t have the special something that I and my friends think the others have. Dustin was goof on the show too why is also gone? I mean they keep somevody like Steve on (no offencse Steve) who looks at the camera an talks to the people out in tv land like we’re stupid and can’t comprehend anything, and he is kind of disrectful when he is on somebody’s house, even if candy is out you don’t just ake it or loungearounf on furniture or as I have heard sor of make fun of he people who have need of your help. I know this site is about GHI but I have to add something about GH. You film about 10 min (it seems to me) and than you wrap up, why not just to an hour show on one sbject. You guys seem to dismiss alot of what people are worried about (or else they wouldn’t call you) if you don’t see or hear anythink lioke what the client is hearing and seeing than it doesn’t really happen. I know it’s your job to debunk and I appreciare that but like I’ve been told when you are spirit or if you wat “ghost” unting you are doing it on “their” time and they might not want to show up because of hoe your team reacts to thimgs. I know it’s discerning when things happen but does some of your team members have to shriek or go running into the night! Why not bring Andy bacl. I know it sounds like I don’t like your show both GH and GHI, it has opened up my eyes to the point that I studied the subject matter and have joined a team here in the northeast, hey also are like and do not charge anybosy for anything, they do it for the love of subject and they don’t go running and screaming into the night when something happens. Please bring back Robb, Ansy and the other 2 girls from GHI. Thank You for reading my email and I appreciate your show very much!

  61. I like the shows but I have a question ot two. Why did Robb and the two girsl that wotked with him (blondes) leave the show. I and a few other people like them and now you put Chris and I’m sorry but I must be having a brain cramp because I forgot his name , he is the Irish las, Barry I think I apologize for not getting it right. Anyway thos Chris seems like a nice girl she doesn’t have the special something that I and my friends think the others have. Dustin was goof on the show too why is also gone? I mean they keep somevody like Steve on (no offencse Steve) who looks at the camera an talks to the people out in tv land like we’re stupid and can’t comprehend anything, and he is kind of disrectful when he is on somebody’s house, even if candy is out you don’t just ake it or loungearounf on furniture or as I have heard sor of make fun of he people who have need of your help. I know this site is about GHI but I have to add something about GH. You film about 10 min (it seems to me) and than you wrap up, why not just to an hour show on one sbject. You guys seem to dismiss alot of what people are worried about (or else they wouldn’t call you) if you don’t see or hear anythink lioke what the client is hearing and seeing than it doesn’t really happen. I know it’s your job to debunk and I appreciare that but like I’ve been told when you are spirit or if you wat “ghost” unting you are doing it on “their” time and they might not want to show up because of hoe your team reacts to thimgs. I know it’s discerning when things happen but does some of your team members have to shriek or go running into the night! Why not bring Andy bacl. I know it sounds like I don’t like your show both GH and GHI, it has opened up my eyes to the point that I studied the subject matter and have joined a team here in the northeast, hey also are like and do not charge anybosy for anything, they do it for the love of subject and they don’t go running and screaming into the night when something happens. Please bring back Robb, Ansy and the other 2 girls from GHI. Thank You for reading my email and I appreciate your show very much!

    I love reading about the fans reactions to my cousin.
    Yep, my cousin.
    I’ve never met him personally, but I have met his parents, and his daughter at a family get together. (She’s so cute XD)
    That’s why he left, because he had a kid. (From what my mother tells me anyways)
    Last I heard he was teaching somewhere.

  63. Obviously you dont understand that the image on the showcase in Peru was not Brandy’s reflection because Brandy first of all was moving around and the image wasnt and the image was to short to be Brandy therefore it was the ghost boy.
    I would have been easy to see Brandy’s face in the reflection.
    Maybe you should watch the episode again just to be as sure as I am.

  64. Obviously you dont understand that the image in the showcase in Peru WAS the ghost boy and not Brandy because first of all Brandy was moving around and the image wasnt and the image was too short to be Brandy.
    Maybe you should watch the episode again to be as sure as I am.
    Also the other people who commented shouldnt be making fun of the way people talk because I bet a good majority of you might have a lisp or something.It’s Andy’s mouth not yours so if you nothing to say about then say nothing at all.

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