Steve​ and Tango​ will be heading up their own version of Ghost Hunters. In this flavor of Ghost Hunter the “odd couple of the paranormal” will teach a new generation to hunt ghosts.

“New Generation” will have 6 episodes to gather a following, but I am sure that plenty of Ghost Hunters fans will swell New Generations ratings.

If we are lucky, Brian Harnois will return in order to add some drama to the show.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have 6 episodes full of team members calling Brian a liar again!

I quess the real questions about the new show are …

Will the “next generation” fake evidence to make the show more entertaining? Will they come clean about faking evidence on “Ghost Hunters” ? If they “come clean” will the fan base still be there for them?


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  1. Ghost Hunters is the ONLY true paranormal investigation team out there. They don’t claim to be possessed by spirits or conduct seances. They are truely trying to expand the field of paranormal investigation. It is sad that they are still being picked apart by narrow minded skeptics. I hope the New Generation will be a hit.

  2. Ghost Hunters are NOT the only paranormal investigation team out there. There are many fine teams who do a fine job without the notice of channels like Scifi, A&E, or the Travel channel.

    Skeptical … yes!

    “They don’t claim to be possessed by spirits or conduct seances.” Sounds like you may be a narrow minded skeptic at times.

  3. Oh God, Not Steve.
    Tango, ‘Run Dude’ don’t do it with Steve.
    Want this show to work, put Donna, Brian & Tango together.
    Then it won’t be a Ghost Hunting soap opera, it will be a real show for Ghost Hunters to watch & learn.

  4. I think that Steve may have been a bad choice but time will tell. This might be a good time to bring other former Ghost Hunters in to help with the teaching and let the viewers know what has happened in their lives.

  5. There should be a show for Ghost Hunters, that brings a new Paranormal Group /society in each week. Showing the different ways they hunt & the places they go. Now that would be a show of interest. Maybe have the Stars from GA, or GH join them, but not run the show.
    I mean, How many times can you watch a ghost hunt at Eastern, Waverly , gettsyburg ect.
    We have 2 really great Investigators here. Linda Zimmermann, is a ghost Investigator & author of the Hudson Valley, her partner is Det. Mike Worden, he’s a cop. Now these guys should have a show. Been on hunts with them, Way cool stuff.

  6. I’ve thought the same thing myself. That would make a fine show. You could have a skeptic host the show bringing in different teams with different methods.

  7. this sucks they are splitting up the origional taps team. producers always screw everithing up. first donna and brian to ghi . ang ghi sucks they should have sent taps family members around the wourld not donna and brian the worst idea. And now steve and tango wtf they just offiaially ruined taps who wants to see newbs. donna and brian were there from day one so was steve sure dave came in season 2 but he is great. whats next i have season 2 on dvd now i watch it the season 6 and i am like what the fuck who are these people i barley know anybody.
    with steve and tango gone i might not even watch it anymore.
    what is next the special jay and grant retire and sell taps to some stranger. “GHOST HUNTERS: NEW GENERATION” will be the worst thing to happen since brian left.

  8. Steve and Tango are still going to be on Ghost Hunters. Jason and Grant both stated this in their blogs.
    The producers didn’t split the original team up. Pilgrim came to them with the idea for GHI, and Jay and Grant handpicked the team. Then Donna and Brian left for personal reasons.
    I think it will be nice to see some new young faces on the team. I hope this show works out.

  9. If Steve and Tango are the main investigators I will not watch the show. I never could stand Steve. His bad attitude, the way he picks on others, and the odd couple routine got old real fast. Every episode it’s the same thing. The “ex-cop” is afraid of everything on this planet. He bullies Tango and acts like a jerk. If they can go one investigation with out molesting other peoples property it would be a miracle. I enjoy the show but for the last two or so seasons it’s be boring and I put the blame square on Steve and his appointed side kick Tango. Jason and Grant made the show and if they retire the show will as well. You just have to see last seasons GHI ratings to see what’s going to happen to the new show.

    1. I think you’re too quick to judge. I’ve met both Steve and Tango in person, and they are both extremely nice. Steve was far from a jerk from what I saw. He just jokes with Tango a lot. Yea, Steve’s afraid of things, but he’s a great investigator. Steve and Tango provide a little comic relief to the show. I think it’ll be different when they’re the leaders because they will have more responsibility. I don’t see why you think it’s boring-because there’s no Brian drama? The only thing that’s really changed is that they don’t show as much of their personal lives as they did in the first two seasons. The way I see it, the reason GHI isn’t as popular is because they don’t have the chemistry that the GH team does. They’re all great investigators, they’re just not that exciting to watch. Since Steve and Tango do have that chemistry, I think the new show will do much better. Jay and Grant can’t be on the show forever (as much as I would like them to) and I think Steve and Tango will eventually take over the team, and I think that they are capable of doing that. Yes, they’re goofballs sometimes, but they know what they’re doing. They know how to be serious when they need to be, but until all the responsibility is on their shoulders, they probably won’t show it so much.
      On another note, I don’t think Donna or Brian will ever come back. Donna has Crohn’s disease and that’s the main reason she left. I would like to see her back, though. As for Brian, I think there are way too many hard feelings for him to come back. Plus, he’s got a young daughter and another baby on the way, so he wanted to take some personal time.

      1. I’ve meet them in person as well. I judge based on what I see on T.V. and the few moments I meet them. Which is far more time to judge other then most people get. I stand by my statements. I will not watch if Steve is the lead.

  10. I have to agree. I have watched the Ghost Hunters Acadamy and Steve’s persona on the show is not appealing. Whether he is or not he comes across as arrogant and mean spirited. Tango doesn’t really appear to have much to say – very non memorable. I don’t think the show works at all.

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