Ghost Adventures – Underground In The Edinburgh Vaults

This week finds our brave Ghost Adventures team in Edinburgh, Scotland. Would that make the show Ghost Adventures International? While I may, at times, question the bravery of our fine team of adventurers.I have to admit that they are brave enough to board a plane and fly across the Atlantic. A feat that, at least, one member of the “Ghost Hunters” cast is unable to perform.

The “Vaults” of Edinburgh Scotland allegedly have a large variety of paranormal activity. It is the home of the villainous “Mr. Boots”, a spirit who threatens people with a shout of “get out”!  He is also believed to throw stones and is violent with women.

This program had many of the same elements of the other Ghost Adventures episodes. Zak would taunt the spirit with frat-boy-like bravado only to freak out at smallest noise. I have to admit that the Scooby Doo behavior of the crew is my favorite part of the show.

The boys managed to gather a few interesting bits of evidence. They picked up some odd noises and an EMF spike. However; very little was done to debunk those sounds or to track down a possible explanation for the EMF spike. The sound that I found most interesting sounded like that of a dog; sadly, there was no follow up.

The most intriguing piece of evidence was the movement of a teddy bear that was set up as a trigger object. Zak had reported feeling several strong drafts of cold air. Would that explain the movement of the bear? Sadly, we will never know.


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