Ghost Adventures or “Jackass the paranormal”


The travel channel has yet another paranormal ghost hunting show to add to its schedule, “Ghost Adventures”. Ghost Adventures is a mix between the popular “Most Haunted” and Jackass. The crew of “Ghost Adventures” or “Jackass the paranormal” are three young film students Zak, Nick, and Aaron. The crew explore alleged haunted locations with the aid of night vision cameras and other devices commonly used in ghost hunting type programs. “Ghost Adventures” adds a twist by locking the crew in the haunted location overnight.

Last Friday night, the boys investigated an unnamed New Jersey Asylum (ahem … Overbrook).  The asylum is reported to have a wide assortment of paranormal activity. The facility is contaminated by dangerous asbestos and littered with debris which makes it a perfect place to investigate for the crew of Jackass the paranormal “Ghost Adventures”.

Early on, we get our first Jackass moment as Zak pokes Nick in the eye with his finger. It would not be a good night for Nick or as I like to call him “Nick the victim”. Later, in the morgue, we get our second Jackass moment when Zak has the great idea to lock “Nick the victim” in one of the morgue’s body trays. Zak and Aaron wander off with poor “Nick the victim” banging on the door begging to be released. With friends like these who needs enemies!

Later, “Nick the victim” believes that he has been slapped in the face. My first thought was maybe it was Zak again that guy is dangerous. I hope that Nick wears some protective gear in his next investigation. Maybe a helmet, a cup, and some protective padding would be a good idea.

The crew collected a few interesting “evp”s but I don’t find any them to be convincing. In fact, the disembodied voices of a woman sounded more like a cat to me.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the show. I wasn’t dry, dull, or repetitive. It was funny, although, that may not have been the intent of the show. In short, I would recommend it.


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