Aquarium: Could Titanic have ghosts? |

Do spirits swim with Atlanta’s fishes?

Are specters now among the many species that inhabit one of the world’s largest collections of sea life?

Is the Georgia Aquarium haunted?

Aquarium workers and officials seem to think there’s a possibility, with hundreds of century-old artifacts of the “Titanic Aquatic” exhibit occupying the Georgia landmark’s northwest corner.

“I think it’s the lost souls from the Titanic,” said aquarium volunteer Margarit Mourino, who reported having a ghostly encounter around the exhibit containing artifacts from the ill-fated 1912 voyage. “I could feel like this hand moving over my head and through my hair.”

“We’ve had a number of volunteers report strange encounters when they were working the Titanic exhibit,” aquarium spokeswoman Meghann Gibbons said.

The aquarium brought in Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations this weekend to try to shed some light on what could be causing the incidents. Guiding the official decision, Gibbons said, was “of course” the proximity to Halloween. There also have been stories about ghostly encounters that have followed the exhibit.

The investigators were rewarded with purported recordings of ethereal voices and sightings of shadowy figures roaming darkened corridors. They concluded that not only was the Titanic exhibit%

via Aquarium: Could Titanic have ghosts? |

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