When atheists pray | ScrippsNews

Among the provocative findings of two recent surveys of religious faith is that a majority of Americans who claim to be atheists are inclined to pray, one-third of them “often.” About the same number of atheists profess a belief in Satan, hell and demons. Half of them believe in angels and ghosts.

Granted, were not talking big populations here. Only about 4 percent of Americans claim to be atheists. Baylor University pollsters suggest that professing to be an atheist is often just a personal objection to organized religion.

That still leaves us to ponder what it is that disbelievers seek through prayer, and to whom they pray. Perhaps the impulse to reach out through prayer may be even stronger than our intellectual assent to Gods existence. Alas, were back to the old cliche that there are no atheists in foxholes.

via When atheists pray | ScrippsNews.


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