Ghost Hunters International, Brian Harnois

Dude Run !!!
Dude Run !!!

As some of you may have noticed Brian Harnois is no longer on the TV show Ghost Hunters International. Neither the scifi channel nor Ghost Hunters International has not bothered to give an explanation. They simply deleted his name from the scifi website and the GHI credits. That was, in my opinion, poor treatment by the scifi channel and GHI. They should have given the fans an explanation for Brian departure as they did with Donna.

According to Brian, he has retired for family reasons (link).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Brian Harnois fan. I do believe that his treatment on Ghost Hunters was shameful and a textbook example of how NOT to treat an employee. However; Brian brought a lot of his problems on himself. I was surprised to see him on the Ghost Hunters International show, after his departure from Ghost Hunters, but he seemed to work well on GHI. I guess the only dead thing that we saw on GHI was Brian Harnois’ career!

Dude run!

Now Andy is gone …


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    1. The blonde from the first season was Donna. She ended up later bashing TAPS on YouTube videos. I really thought she worked good on the TAPS team. Would have really liked to see her stay. On the topic of Brian, I am really not sad to see him go. Never really connected with him.

      1. Speaking of Brian. I thought the first season of Ghost hunters was really good because of the drama between Brian and Jason and it just made me laugh. I think in the second episode where Brian claims that the chair suddenly appeared in the hallway was so fake and laughable, and then for him to ask everyone else, “did you move that chair?” at the get together party just made him even more guilty looking, lol. As a Ghost Hunter, I don’t trust him, but he was entertaining.

      2. Jason totally humiliated Donna on the show. I was embarrassed for her, I would have bashed them to. The rest of them were wearing huge smirks, than she dissappeared.

  1. All the scifi channel and Ghost Hunters International needs to do is show a little common courtesy and mention that a cast member has left the show. At the same time they could introduce the new cast member. Its simple and honest but maybe thats too much to expect from the scifi channel.

  2. I don’t think you should point the finger at Sci-Fi, Jason or Grant as to Brian getting the boot. The boy has trouble telling the truth even though he can at times be quite entertaining. I am a faithful viewer of Ghost Hunters and have watched several shows where Brian himself has admitted his employment short commings. You can usually tell when Brian is telling a lie…..When his mouth is moving. I’m sure Sci-Fi did him a favor by not telling us the real reason for his butt getting kicked off.

      1. Not only was Brian a liar he also fabricated a few things on gh. example one of the prisons they were in and a shadow figure comes running down the walkway then backwards. clearly someone wearing a black or dark sheet over their person. Brian was the only one who went off by himself that night. Grant and Jason even questioned it.

        1. ANYONE who has eyes could see that the footage from that clip if it was fake, was due to CGI. The hooded figure does not move in ANY kind of human way, it has legs that dont touch the ground and moves WAY too fast to be human. get a clue

      2. Anyone who thinks brian should be brought back, is an ######. For one thing he is a habitial liar. He is jealous of steve. Tango is 10 times more entertaining than brian.

        1. TANGO?! Wow, I feel sorry for you if that is what you find entertaining. Twitching and being as dumb as a box of bricks might be funny to you, but to me it’s boring. Brian was and always will be the star of the show. The reason for that is because he was the only one who was real out of the whole group. The rest of them are as fake as Pamela Andersons chest.

          1. Twitching and being dumb? People on this blog have no clue. Tango sufferes from Tourettes Syndrome….look it up and get educated!

            1. oh, don’t get all butt hurt. I said below I apologize if that’s the case. Tell me, since Brian has bipolar are you going to excuse his shortcomings, or hop on the TAPS Kool Aid Boat and blame him for everything wrong with the world today? That’s what I thought.

          2. LMAO! You MUST be a relative of Brian’s. Not only is he a complete idiot, a liar, has the personality of a wet mop, but HE is the one who is more fake than Pamela Anderson’s breasts! PUHLEAZE!! Brian, the “real” star of GH? Seriously, really? LMMFAO!!

      3. Brian was the best thing on any of the taps shows. He was fun and interesting,and a great ghost hunter.No he was not perfect but neither are we, so dont judge him. Love you Brian hope to see you back again and please let your personality shine again. Miss ya your fans

      4. I think jason is a big bully and was picking on Brian
        when Brian left TAPS and Steve got his job Bran came back and Steve was the Tec Manager and some stuff got lost it was Steve responcibilty but Brian got the stick. I use to like the show now im not a fan.

  3. I can’t disagree with you about Brian. He is his own worst enemy.

    However; the scifi channel/GHI should have acknowledged his leaving the show.

    1. I’m sorry, I thought they did touch on the fact that he was no longer on the show… But, I did miss why Donna is no longer present. When I discovered she was gone, I was a little depressed. Donna was definitely one of my favorites

  4. But Brian’s leaving the show was aired. He was criticized by Grant and Jason as being a liar and a general pain to deal with (although they disagreed with his self assessment of being an “a$$h0le,” go figure). He said he’d rather “go away” than return to the show and ruin other aspects of his life. I am quite surprised that a known liar is accepted onto Ghost Hunters International.

  5. I have yet to see anything about Brian leaving the Ghost Hunters International show. I did see Brian leave the Ghost Hunters show.

  6. I did some research on Brian. He and Donna are on Blogtalk radio now. Donna left for health reasons. I did an article about Brian

    I love the show, but no matter what Brian did, it does not make it acceptable for his employers to call him “freak show” on National Television.

    1. Brian is a liar and self centered fool. I did an extensive background check on his military experience. Nothing but a criminal record.

  7. Brian is entertaining at the very least. When he seemed to have his life together he appeared to be a very good thorough investigator. He really is a character and a presence that is missed on both GH and GHI.

  8. I’m sure that we haven’t heard the last of Brian Harnois, but I doubt that any version of Ghost Hunters will use him again. Maybe the scifi channel will create the Brian Harnois show, where Brian does his own unique thing.

  9. Love your show some time could you guys go to alcatraz island. If you could that would be awesome, i’m only 11 too! So could you please go to alcatraz island! THANKS so much!!!!

  10. I think everyone is right. The handling of Brian’s leaving wasn’t good and I do feel that T.A.P.S and GHI members should keep their negative opinions to themselves. Even if he deserved being fired it’s not right to be so cruel with their comments. I for one will miss him. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and his craziness. I liked him one minute and couldn’t stand him the next. Which, of course, makes for great television. I worked with someone like Brian. His personality was one minute great fun and the next horrible. He was very difficult to work with and caused a lot of drama and stress amongst the employees. When he got fired we all felt terrible, but were relieved. I really do believe everyone tried to help Brian, as witnessed by some of the early episodes of GH and the second chance with GHI. Brian was friends with Jason and Grant for many years and it was good business for the Sci-Fi Channel to give him another chance with GHI due to his popularity. So I don’t believe they would jeopardize ratings and friendships for no reason. Eventually all the truth will surface, but it’s still very sad to see someone so self destructive. I do wish him the best. Also, I’m sorry to hear Donna left due to health issues. I really liked her as well. I’m hoping the Sci-Fi Channel can work it out where they will both be back on GH, even if it’s just cameos. The original TAPs group including Donna and Brian were the best (maybe they can put a clause in Brian’s contract forcing him to get help). Regardless, I’m still a big fan and will continue to watch. By the way, does anyone know if they are having a Halloween special this year? I really enjoyed the past ones.


  11. I can’t believe how easily Jason and Grant “gossip” about Brian.
    They are worse than a couple of old ladies. How do you know how bad Brian really was? He was entertaining and good at what he did. They called him a liar and then some people just believe it because Grant and Jason said it. It was very obvious that Jason treated him like crap. Let things go when it was someone else. They should apologize to him for that bad treatment.

    1. I agree whole heartedly! Jason especially treated Brian horribly. Plus they set him up to fail. Always threatening things like ‘one more time and he’s gone’, etc. Oh that’s real encouragement. Heaven forbid Steve did something wrong, lost something, broke something it was ignored. They said that they don’t yell at Steve because he doesn’t do it all the time – but they sure to say that a lot, so what does that tell you? Also, imagine if Brian wouldn’t go into a room because of spiders or webs, or if he wouldn’t climb a flight of stairs because of a fear of heights. They would have been all over him about it, but Steve, Jason’s ‘bud’ gets away with anything. PLUS Steve’s a total jerk, and talk about a liar, Steve is the liar, the biggest back stabbing liar I’ve seen in a long time.

      1. just to let u no that ive known steve for a long time and we have 2 kids together and i can tell u he is not a screw up like brian is .brian is always on the phone when he should be working while they r taping the show but they blocked that out so dont judge someone if u dont no them

        1. Even I saw that one, Brian was on the phone CONSTANTLY, when they were being briefed in the van, doing set up and mind you this is the same episode… The cameras must have shown him on the phone at least 4x before the investigation got started. Steven kept warning him about the phone but he would just dismiss everyone and go back to it… During the investigations no one’s phone was visible if they had one cept Brain… I found him very unprofessional, Im sure hes a decent guy in person but I found him to be the “weakest link” as an investigator.

          1. The problem with a “highly” edited show is that we must trust that the footage is not being spun to make Brian look bad. The storyline of that time was that Brian was a screw-up. If he was as bad as GH and Pilgrim made him out to be — why would they rehire him for GHI?
            How many times were other people on the phone or other breaks?

  12. I am a big fan of GH and I watched GHI because Brian was on the team. Without Brian, GHI is as dry as a piece of toast. Not mentioning why Brian left is just wrong. I know Brian stretched the truth sometimes and maybe even lied about a few things, so what! Jason and Grant are not perfect but they dogged Brian out every chance they got. They never respected him. J & G treated him like a dog but they gush all over Steve, who is scared of everything. He and Andy both get on my nerves.

    GH, GHI and the SCI-FI Channel would not jeopardize their futures by acknowledging the departure of Brian Harnois. It’s just common courtesy. It doesn’t cost a thing to be considerate. We, the loyal viewers, want to know why Harnois (the most entertaining and down to earth investigator) is no longer on the show.

    Remember, Brian does have a little girl and if he had family issues, so be it. Andy went home when his child was born. Why Brian was not afforded the same opportunity is a mystery to me. This man is a human being and has feelings just like all of us.

    GHI is not as good as GH, they need someone with Brian’s sense of humor and skill to make the show watchable. I liked Brian, warts and all, and will miss him very much.

    1. I agree with you 100% I think Brian was way better than the “Iam afraid of spiders,heights,flying,bats…..” woosy Steve. He acts like a jackass on the show and when he and Tango are together I feel like I’m watching reruns of the two stooges. BRING BRIAN BACK!!!!!!

  13. I loved that show when Brian was on it. Now I watch it, but it is not as interesting. Jason has the personality of a garden slug, and Grant is his “brown noser”. It always seems to me that they don’t do much of the work, unless you consider being mean to Brian “work”.. I don’t know how Brian remained so calm when Jason, “the big shot” got all over him for something that Steve started. Never even looked at Steve, but just raked Brian over the coals. I can’t stand that Jason. He is really just a Pompous

    1. Mary I agree 100% at least Brian brought some personality to the show. I think Jason dumped Brian Donna and Andy to make a place for Kris who has no personality or TV presence at all. I do not know her personally but that is what comes accross. You will notice that when they hired her, Jason started growing a
      manicured beard! Maybe some other members noticed too and thats why they are not there. I use to find the on TV debasment of Brian tacky. Anyway I now spend my time watching “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel on Fridays. Those guys are more fun, better looking and treat ease other as a team. I think Steve was competing with Brina also.

      Mary Mae formally cast member of “Talk Show Spike Feresten”.

  14. Brian could be a pain. But, they are slowly eliminating everyone they started with. Brian is gone, Donna got sick [wink wink] The 2 demonologists are gone as well.

    The dramatics and weird music you now hear. Jason and grant now see ghost everywhere. Now certain orbs are allowed as well as personal feelings.
    This stuff was not tollerated in the beginning.
    Now, it’s just another ordinary, spook show. The facts arent as hard any more.
    Maybe it’s better Brian & the others find another outlet.
    I liked the show because it was real – not like the brit show most haunted. Everywhere they went was haunted. We knew Derriks lines before he said them. Am I psychic, no.
    But I quit watching them also. This is prob my last season for GH & GHI. It’s gotten to phony

  15. Like everything else on TV ratings will have an effect on the show. Has it devolved into just another spook show? In my opinion , yes.

    However; I still watch and enjoy the show. Like you, I see the phony aspects, but I set them aside to be entertained.

  16. Ghosthunters will not be the same without Brian and Donna as they are original members. I am an avidfan and Jason & Grant should put them back on the show if that is where they want to be. Yes,Brian did have an attitude at times but so did all of them! Especially Jason! and Steve! Despite his quirks, he is still on the show! Brian added his own charisma to the show that these other newbees don’t have! Brian atleast had the drive & the enthusiasm!

  17. The original TAPS team visited here in Tombstone Az in june of 06 & while everybody else was sweet,the nicest most outgoing by a GINORMOUS margin was Brian!He was VERY personable & VERY professional.Although I noticed how he was constantly being annoyed by the sci-fi channels camera crew,especially one jerk in particular.It was the same guy who tricked Brian in running down the hall screaming at Eastern State penn.That guy was the one who should have been fired NOT Brian!I believe now as the same as always that Brian was just misunderstood & that he ALWAYS meant well.He really seemed to like that explanation when I told him that the night that I met him.In a word that is Brian”misunderstood”

  18. One of the first shows of TAPS was filmed in
    Altoona. That is my home town. I was very unhappy with the way they criticized the town. It is an old Railroad Town that is rich in history and they really put it down. I felt very sorry for the remarks. My friend whos home was investigated on that episode said that the investigation was very phoney. They lied to her about the investigation and how it would happen. This program is another show that the people started out with good intentions and real interest in paranormal things and became tooo much just a show with chance of making good money in the process.

  19. No,they sacked Brian from Ghost Hunters because of that bawl baby Steve Gonsalves, who was jealous of Brian, who IS a top notch investigator,as for his screwing up alot, what? Is Mr. “I am way more perfect than anyone else” Steve the only one allowed to have a bad day and get away with it? Looks like it. Contrary to popular belief Brian did not screw up as much as they claim, and Steve screw up MORE that they claim, go figure, Brian was nothing more than a scapegoat.

    1. brian was a fake. steve had good reason. Brian would sneak away and fabricate sightings. or make stuff up. several times brian was the only one who had something happen to him. but never any proof of it happening. When he finally caught a sighting on camera. Jason and Grant questioned it. for good reason too. The sighting was actually someone wearing a dark sheet or cloth over their person. (you can actually see the legs.) Brian was the only one who went too investigate on his own that nite also. pretty strange. a sighting caught on film and brian is the one who sees it and also the only one on his own in the episode. Come on people that is one reason why he is called a liar. The other reason, just listen to him.

  20. Sometimes it seemed like Jason and Grant were doing Brian a favor by being his friend. Kind of like the cool kids who befriend a nerd so they have a lackey.And Brian seemed like he wanted to be their friend so badly he would put up with whatever abuses they heaped on him. When he started to assert himself, they got pissed.

    Maybe Brian did screw up but who hasn’t? He is now a father and that can change a person. It puts things into a whole new prespective.
    Perhaps Jason and Grant could give Brian another chance and see him for the person he is now and let the past stay in the past.

  21. I strongly doubt that Jason or Grant will ever have anything to do with Brian again. However; that does not mean that Brian is gone for good. If the fans want him back, I would expect to see him on TV in some form or fashion.

  22. Hi Ghost Hunter Fans:
    I am not a great fan of Brian and the way he acted during some of the shows. But just maybe he had to leave due to family reasons as he just had a child a few months earlier. That could be the best reason she wanted him home and close to home as the baby is still very young and just maybe she needed help taking care of the baby. Plus him being gone so much and all the traveling didnt leave much family life for his girlfriend.

  23. Brian was baggage, and reminded me of a car salesman, talking about things he knew nothing about.

    His friends gave him another chance – no one should have to tolerate idiots.

  24. The problem with Brian he has a credibility issue. When I watched GHI, I did not believe one word he said and I missed the drama about him getting fired from GH.

  25. Brian was somewhat tiresome, but I can’t stand Steve Gonsalves. He’s so arrogant and patronizing, not to mention a big fat coward.

  26. I miss Brian, he was a genuine person and will be seen again in some other format. It is probably a blessing he’s gone, bc look what GH has turned into, a faked full of crap show where “sassy steve” likes to show off his ugly arms. I can’t stand Jay and Grant who do seem to have sold out. The jacket, was hilarious, thx for the good laugh! Let that haunt you guys!! You’ve taken your credibility and sold it! Money is the true root of all evil.

  27. Oh come on now > the show does a great job of keeping things real !! The jacket >well I am not sure about but I love the show and sincerely hope that it will last for many more seasons !! I like all the cast > the girl is a little dry > very calm ! I miss Brian believe it or not !! He was very real , sure he had his faults but he did remain true to his personality. The show is great regardless but I want to see Donna and Brian again !!!!!

  28. I’m a fairly new watcher, but have seen quite a bit of the series already. From what I’ve seen of Brian he forgot equipment, passed the blame for his own mistakes, and whined almost continuously. And when he was given another chance he was amazingly ungrateful and arrogant. It seems like Jason has no patience for screwups, and probably has a bit of a mean side they don’t show so much of — but which he seems to acknowledge. I imagine also that when they were just a club doing this for fun they could be a lot more casual about things, but that when there’s a t.v. show and other-people’s-money on the line expectations for the team are probably much higher.

  29. I miss Brian T_T pleeeeeaz come back to the show!! You and Barry are the only reason I really came back for more! ::cries::

  30. If you go back to the very beginning of GH’s, (I believe the Altoona investigation) Brian was the Case Manager, you’ll see that Jason would come unglued and abuse Brian every time he sat up an investigation. Jason’s wife hates for him to be away from home and gave him a hard time about the time away from family, the expense of doing the investigations and the loss of time from work. Grant even talked about it on one of the shows and made the comment about how tough Jason’s wife was on him everytime he was away from home. Jason would then yell at Brian over the smallest thing because he was mad and Brian would react like someone who was abused. I think if Brian lied, he probably did it so he wouldn’t be yelled at by Jason all the time. No matter who did what, Jason would always yell at Brian. Also, if you go back and watch the old shows, at one point Jason went over Brian’s head and told Steve to be in charge of the equipment, you’ll notice that after that, Steve was always in Jason’s ear complaining about Brian. It was obvious that Steve wanted Brian’s job.

  31. Amazing how Sci-Fi and TAPS seemed to have made Brian look like the bad guy. All you see is what is on the show. How many of you even know what really went on amongst the group and Brian? All you see is what made it on the show and every show needs confrontation. Keep in mind it is a show with a lot of viewers.

    I’m sure he left cause TAPS sold out to television and even he’s claimed that he wants nothing to do with “television ghost hunting”. Any ghost hunter organization that sells merchandise and makes money off of ghost hunting isn’t trust worthy. Especially when they have a show on Sci-Fi which shows movies that deal with special effects.

    Even Steve himself said “not to trust a place is haunted if they have a gift shop”.. Then don’t trust a group that sells a logo

    I guess in a nutshell Brian left to spend time with his family (especially after being on GHI) and I can understand that. Grant and Jason always talk about being married with children but not spending enough time at home. Well, maybe Brian would rather not turn into them.

    I love the show but it’s getting too predictable. Once a certain thing happens (like disembodied voices and hits on the KII meter) those things tend to happen more constantly.

    All I can assume is that Jason is a control freak with a temper and probably wanted to get rid of Brian for either himself or someone else but not the sake of the group. I’ve seen a situation before where someone got fired just because another person didn’t like them and wanted their job.

    If Brian had issues well then so does Andy. Yet they never got on Andy when he’d have his panic attacks and start getting all figgity but he seemed to get mocked by Jason just as much.

    I wish Brian the best of luck cause he seems to want to get back on track in his life.

  32. I liked him, he was the only human acting person. Steve is a “ego” based individual. He thinks he is “it”…And Andy is a know it all. So Brian was not perfect but human. I really don’t watch it much anymore just now and then. I feel Jason and Grant have let the show go to their heads also they are so authoritive and icky.

  33. None of us know the whole story of why Brian is gone. I liked him myself, but not knowing the real reason for his leaving I can only assume that someone had some sort of reason. Jason and Grant were his bosses as well as friends. Sometimes employment has to overrule friendship, it seems harsh, but that’s the real world. I have met both Jason and Grant and I can tell you that they are both very nice people. Jason is far more serious, but the good cop, bad cop system usually seems to work. Donna has Chrohn’s disease. Look it up, that will explain her being gone. Like I said, I liked Brian and I wish he was back, either show would be OK, but frankly I was getting tired of every speck of dust or reflection being an orb or some kind of paranormal entity.

  34. I cannot stand Steve Gonsalves. Everyone so far is right in assessing that he is arrogant poser. I’ve heard through the grapevine that it was Steve who was responsible for Brian’s departure. If you recall, one of the biggest complaints from Jason mainly was the setup and breakdown of the equipment. Brian was responsible for this task but Steve was also involved and I’m inclined to believe that Steve may very well have sabotaged setups and breakdowns to make it look as if Brian forgot things. Gonsalves was said to have been very very jealous of Brian and based on his obvious insecurities he probably did set Brian up. Steve is afraid to fly, afraid of spiders, and who knows what else…what kind of paranormal investigator is that for crying out loud. He starts trouble with new members. I remember him starting a snit with Andy which escalated into two sniggering little boys tit for tat which for whatever reason the editors at A&E left in. Guess the ghost hunting wasn’t very interesting in that episode so they needed comic relief.

    1. I totally agree with you. We really miss Brian. He brought so much to the show. As far as his lying i believe he was just trying to keep out of trouble. I too think Steve was jealous & caused a lot of Brians troubles. Steve is a smartass, who thinks he knows everything. And his tattoos give me the creeps. Don’t get me wrong I like tattoos but don’t believe in showing them off all the time at work.

    1. Brian gave the show some comic relief I found, definitely enjoyed the show better with him on it. If they gave him his own show I’d watch it for sure. 🙂

  35. Get rid of Steve, the big fraidy cat. What a wuss. How about Brian and Dave Tango. That would be very entertaining. Leave the big bald-headed Ass, Jason, at home. God he’s a blow-hard.

    1. You must be thinking with your wood, Wood. Jason is the founder of ghost hunters (TAPS). Being the boss alows him to be a blow hard. As for Steve, (not a big fan either) but he is way more credible than Brian ever will be

  36. I enjoyed watching GH from the beginning. Brain was the best investigator you had. Steve is a joke. He tattled all the time on Brian and you jump on him without cause ( because precious Steve said so). Steve is a wimp. He is a grown man and is afraid of spiders. My 3 years old daughter does not scream like a girl when she sees one. He is afraid of heights so he can’t go places when the team goes by plane. He needs to see a shrink. Brian always did everything he was told. He might have said something but he still did his investigating. Steve did his best to get ya”ll to dislike Brian and it worked. Look at passed episodes when Steve started stuff and you yelled at Brain only. Steve is the sneaky one. Jason and Grant are like old ladies gossiping about Brian and being mean to him. I will miss Brian on GHI. He was the best investigator you had and lost. I don’t watch you as much as I use to because you were VERY dishonest to us about letting Brian go. We knew how he was and still loved him. You should take lessons from him on how to treat people with respect. He took alot from all three of you. I wish him and his family the best. Him and Donna will be missed.

  37. Well, it seems I’m in the minority here. I couldn’t stand Brian, he was always a distraction to me. He and his issues took my attention away from the investigations time and time again. And I certainly don’t mean to cast aspersions on him but he always made my “Tweaker Meter” go off, if you know what I mean… I could very well believe that there was a credibility issue there. And, again to be in the minority, I love Steve! I think he is relaxed and natural, and his interactions with Tango are a hoot! Yep, I’m really liking this newer line-up of Jason, Grant, Steve, Tango and Kris. I can’t believe y’all are harshing on Jason so bad — to me he’s like a stern but loving dad-type figure on the show (of this paranormal team that he founded, after all). I also love Grant’s mellow steadiness and his huge heart that most comes to light when he’s investigating a child entity. I wish Donna all the best, I always liked her presence on the show as well. Good on ya, TAPS — keep up the good work!!

    1. I am not a huge fan of steve. But like him way more than Brian. I too thought my “tweeker meater” was going off whenever Brian was on the show.

  38. Well Merry, sounds like you have a brain the size of a pea. To think Jason is likable is a laugh. You definitely are the minority. If you like someone like Steve that is so sad. Men must walk all over you. Jason is a BULLY and a self centered individual. He is so mislead by Steve. Steve would tell him anything and he believes him. He just has to look at past episodes and see how he is. They are both losers. The show is going downhill. GHI is a lot better than GH. The team over there has heart.

    1. sounds like jane might be a BULLY herself. (telling someone they have a pea brain. Is being a Bully.) But since you cant do it to the face maybe more like a coward. Kinda like Brian.

  39. for one thing, the name of the show is Ghost Hunters, not Lets cut down Brian. We all watch to see ghost not men acting like a bunch of girls gossiping. They all know they are on camera. Didn’t their parents ever teach them how to act? Brian might have made some mistakes but so does everybody. Does a boss go around an office full of employees and talk bad of another? No, he takes that person in PRIVATE and tells him what he’s doing wrong. And Steve is no angel.He makes mistakes also but no one makes a big deal of it. How would you feel if you watched the show and listened to everybody maKing fun of you? Give the guy a break, he was having troubles in his life and didn’t needed to be exploited. Who doen’t have problems? Just get back to ghost hunting and keep private matters private. I hope all goes well with you, Brian and congrats on the family. I hope you come back but not at the expence of everyones entertainment. Just as a good ghost hunter. Love ya, dawlin

  40. hi Brian, Actually I’m the one who posted the comment under the name Leroy. After I said love ya, dawlin and submitted it it was too late to change it. No I’m not gay. I’m a woman who grew up with a ghost since I was 17. Now I’m 57. Leroy is the name we gave our ghost so we wouldn’t be too afraid. I am one of nine kids and ever since we had leroy he always seemed to follow me. I have him to this day. He’s always messing with us. Never did any harm. He did call out my name twice. I was on a talk show in New Orleans once and during break I told the hostess that he was always with me. After break the microphone wouldn’t work and we had to go to another break. She said that has never happened before. When the show was over noone would ride in the elevator with my sisters and me. My 2 boys are grown now but they have experienced him since they were little. They used to be afraid but now it’s like he’s part of the family. I sometimes feel him sit at the bottom of my bed around 4:30 in the morning. Then it won’t happen for a while. We love it. I’d love to tell you more about him but I can’t sit at the computer too long. I have back problems. Write back. I’d love to hear from you. Like I said before, love ya dawlin, Lynn

  41. Jane, there is no reason to get personal just because someone disagrees with your perspective of a situation. Yes, Merry is in the minority but she is allowed to have and voice her view. Steve does come across as a know it all at times, but keep in mind he and Grant started this whole thing,so this is their “baby”. When they are trying to prove or disprove situation, honesty and integerity do come into the play. Also, to me it speaks volumes that Brian has disappeared without explanation off of two shows now. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps they are trying to save face for Brian or maybe it is just a personal matter and none of our business. Just because a person is on a TV show does not mean we (the public) get unlimited info on a person. Just my opinion.

  42. Well Bearprn, your opinion doesn’t matter. I can say what I want. Brian was their scapegoat and they didn’t want to say what happen because they would look bad. I think Jason, Grant and Steven are three of a kind. All Grant and Jason do is walk around with the night vision camera and leave all the hard work to everyone else. GHI has a much better team. When Brian went to GHI he shined. No one was there to make fun of him or ride his back. He is a great investigator. The show is going downhill without him. Barry is also one of the best investigators. The leader of GHI is a lot better than Jason.

  43. Wow! Brian was the most enthusiastic person and professional at the same time. I don’t even know how Steve got an interview let alone a position with GH. His fear level of everthing is way too high and he should fly with the title he holds. He has made several mistakes and has lied too and you just laugh it off. Lose Steve now or you will lose more viewers. his personality is arrogant and mean.

    Also, note to Jason and Grant. You both need to take a seminar on how to review employees. critiques should be done in private. shame on you for disrespecting Brian on air. it was in poor taste and unprofessional to treat him as you did publicly. you now owe him a public apology. who is going to be your new scaptegoat now that he is gone?

  44. Wow! Brian was the most enthusiastic person and professional at the same time. I don’t even know how Steve got an interview let alone a position with GH. His fear level of everthing is way too high and he should fly with the title he holds. He has made several mistakes and has lied too and you just laugh it off. Lose Steve now or you will lose more viewers. his personality is arrogant and mean.

    Also, note to Jason and Grant. You both need to take a seminar on how to review employees. critiques should be done in private. shame on you for disrespecting Brian on air. it was in poor taste and unprofessional to treat him as you did publicly. you now owe him a public apology. who is going to be your new scaptegoat now that he is gone?

  45. I agree with Chiwawa. Jason and Grant think they are so professional. Well they are far from it. No decent employer would cut down their employee in front of other workers let alone national tv. Shame on you. Look long and hard in a mirror and tell yourself how bad you were. It seems yóu both are NOT man enough to apology to Brian in public. He has apologies time and again and sometimes when Steve was wrong. Look at old tapes and see how WRONG you both were. You were like to old ladies gossiping on air about another human being. It only made you look bad. Jason is so arrogant. I bet he is just a mean person. If he don’t like you he cuts you down. In the long run he is the loser. Get a grip on reality. Read a book on how to treat people.

  46. I did a lens about Brian a long time ago and it seems that whether you loved him or hated him, he still became an icon of sorts. I believe it became more a matter of how it was handled by the show and on the show.
    Was it just my imagination or did I see Brian on an upcoming snippet of GHI? It is supposed to be a new episode but I could have sworn it was our old friend Brian. He does have a my space page which is listed on my lens along with all of the info I have been able to find.

    I just think the show could have handled it with much more professionalism and tact but as time goes on, I see that especially Ghost hunters is having a difficult time keeping staff at all for any length of time? Anyone else notice that?

    1. You have got to be kidding me! Steve and tango will be getting their own ghost show? What will they call it, Gay Hunters!!! PLEASE!!!

  47. Just a hello to say Happy New Years Brain, to you and your family. Hope to be seeing you on tv again. You are a great ghost investigator. I won’t rag on Jason and Grant nor Steve. They are what they are. Losers when it comes to ghost hunting. And dealing with people. You, Tango and Barry are the best.

  48. Oh please!! There is nothing wrong with Brian, he is the victim of a show looking for a little extra drama. There isn’t any reason why we had to see all the bs that goes on within the group, what does it have to do with hunting ghosts anyway?
    It seems to me that Jason is a difficulut person to please. Grant, a bit easier but follows what J says.
    I think Tango can get along with anybody, so instead of the drama they just make him look a bit like a jerk, but he seems to catch more than anybody else..
    Steve… now he is a poser.

  49. GH and GHI both are some of my favorite shows.When I first started watching I was not a believer but after watching,that’s definitely changed.I think Jason and Grant are both great but Jason was hard on Brian.Steve is arrogant and a know it all.I wouldn’t be suprised if Steve wasn’t behind Brian being kicked off of GH.Both GH and GHI are lacking without Brian on the show.BRING BRIAN BACK!

  50. Ok here it is : Jason & Grant definitely lack employee management skills. ( i.e.: the high turn over rate of investigators.) They need to accept that their employees are not going act & care about GH as they (the owners) would and only get a small cut of the benefits. However I must applaud there investigative work.

    As for Brian Harnios – sure he has his problems, we all do but it seems that Jason & Grant were very capable of dealing with him for many years before Steve came along.

    Personally I think Brian was the victim of a ladder climbing Steve. Steve is/was (?) a cop. Let’s face it he is trained to manipulate people. He has also admitted in an episode that he can get people to believe whatever he wants b/c he is so convincing.

    Jason & Grant are oblivious to the fact that Steve fed into their “Brian frustrations” in order to get rid of Brian. So I guess in a way you could look at them as manipulated victims as well, or just plain stupid to the situation. It was quite obvious to see what was happening between Brian & Steve on film though.

    I must admit the show is not the same. A part of all of us misses Brian and his antics.


  51. Ditto to Terri. Everyone but Jason and Grant sees how conniving Steve is. He got exactly what he wanted—Brians position in GH. He will NEVER be the investigator that Brian is.
    Steve doesn’t have the drive Brian has. All Steve did was whine to Jason about things (which he probably did) that Brian did. Steve setup Brian every chance he got. Jason and Grant WAKE UP. Your show will go downhill if ya”ll don’t wise up on Steves antics. GHI would be a great place for Brian. No one ragged on him and he did great. Rob,Barry and Dustin did a great job in Peru. Keep up the good work on GHI. I don’t watch GH as much anymore. Very disappointing.

  52. I also think it was in poor taste that there were no reasons given for the departures of Andy, Brian, and Donna. I kinda guessed that Donna would not be there because of her health issues. Andy not so sure. Brian has his issues but he very excited about doing his job. Of course, it didn’t help that at least 2 people wanted him gone very badly. Jason I figured was very controlling, had a bad temper, and its my way or the highway kind of attitude. He is also a bully. My wife, who doesn’t watch the show decided to sit down and watch it with me one night. When the show was over she said that Jason was a mean controlling bastard who likes to use his size to intimidate people. Steve is not a man at all. I remember A LOT of things he started and Jason went off on Brian. Steve just stood there and said nothing. He also acts like a jerk towards Tango as well. Grant is ok, but he freaking talked about Brian (along with Jason) like a bunch of school girls. Steve always got away with stuff when Brian always got the blame. All in all Grant, Steve, and Jason act like their $#%^ don’t stink.

  53. GH is a ghost hunting soap opera! just Ghost hunt, stop with all the family & personal drama. & start showing something besides Jason & Grants faces in wonder & steve’s wuss ways about bugs & planes.
    Talk about bad team spirit, Steve is not that great either. He talks & acts bad about people too.
    I would love to see Donna, Tango & Brain do their own show.
    Maybe they could get the ‘camara guys’ to see what they see.
    And forget GHI, Rob & the Irish guy , UG!!! Brian should have headed that show. At least when he speaks, its real sounding, Rob sounds like a robot reading cue-cards.
    Watch ‘Ghost Adventures,’ thats a Great Ghost Hunting show!

  54. Don’t get me started on Ghost Adventures. On a side note I won an autographed poster of the Ghost Adventures cast. While I am skeptical of paranormal shows, I have to admit that I enjoy them.

  55. Love Ghost Adventures. Did you see that? (HAHA) They make ghost hunting interesting. Jason and Grant are dull and whinny. Forget about Steve. If a ghost showed up he would probably run. The big baby. Donna, Tango and Brian should take over GH. It would be a really good show. I think GH’s days are numbered. You cut your own throat by letting your egos get in the way. You should listen to the viewers. We are the ones who watch.

  56. Why is Brian off GHI now? I don’t get it. The only reason why I watched GHI is because I couldn’t see him on GH anymore.

    I enjoyed watching Brian Harnois on screen because he was funny to watch and funny looking so he made me laugh. He made me feel like I was there investigating with him. It was nice to see him because he was so enthusiastic about investigating that it made the show exciting to watch.

    What disturbed me was the Mishler episode. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing but respect for Jay because without him there would be no TAPS, lucky for him, that makes up for his bad temper. I felt bad to see Brian get scolded about the equipment and it made me uncomfortable to see that side of Jason I would rather not see. Those conflicts could have been left off the show. At the same time Brian should have known better not to push Jason’s buttons. Still, I have some advice for you Jason

    “When in doubt chill the hell out”

    Luckily, Grant was there to save the day at the end of the scene, Jason was ready to pounce on Brian H again and …Grant steps in with a lighthearted joke like “you guys still makin out?” to ease the tension between Jay & Brian before it could possibly get any uglier than it was looking in the beginning of the episode. Grant was in a bad position in the middle of it all trying to tell Brian to cool it while mentally restraining Jason.

    It’s a shame the guys couldn’t work something out on TAPS. Putting BH on GHI was perfect. It seemed like the perfect solution! Perhaps BH will return to GHI? that is… if it doesn’t go off the air as result of loss of Brian Harnois fans.

  57. Personally, its probably none of your buisness. If someone gets fired at your workplace does your employer relay it to the world why? No they keep it confidential because only you need to know. Getting fired is embarressing in any case. Also, if he retired from TAPS and he doesn’t want to go into details then fine! He doesn’t need to. Its his own personal life! I don’t tell everyone who knows who I am but doesn’t know ME everything about me.
    Use your brains people.
    These words of wisdom came from a 17 year old.

  58. Maggie Mae,

    You need to communicate with your employees about the termination of a co-worker or it will lead to a lot of gossip that can destroy morale.

    The point that I was trying to make is that Taps should have taken a minute to let the viewers know that Brian or Andy would not be on the show. Rather than pretending that they didn’t exist.

    Taps did let us know that Donna had health problems. Why not extend the same courtesy to the other Taps members?

  59. Maggie Mae,
    For a 17 year old you are FAR from wise. Apparently you have never watched GH. If you did you would understand (wisely) what the situation was. You have NO clue. The whole problem of Brian leaving was so wrong. TAPS should have given the viewers some reason. We are the ones who made GH popular. Without us GH would be nothing. And the way they acted it may go down the toilet where it belongs. Brian, Donna and Andy should start their own ghost hunting show and get the viewers away from GH. It would be a hit. Forget the whinning Jason and Grant. And who cares about Steve? No one.

  60. Good new show on GHI. 2.7 million viewers are a lot. I guess everyone was tuning in to see if Brian returned. Very disappointing that he didn’t. Check next week to see if it has the same amount of viewers. I hope so, because it is 100% better than GH. The investigators are there to investigate instead of cutting someone to shreads. Take note Jason and Grant on how professionals really work. Good job GHI team. You are the best. Keep it up Rob.

  61. In the beginning of the series, I thought wow, this will be great to watch. After a number of shows, and everything kept bouncing back to Brian, I thought to myself, what a bunch of jerks. I emailed them and told them Brian actually made their show. But never got reply. Probably thought who does she think she is saying that. Didn’t care though, cause he actually did. I didn’t like the putting down of someone on TV for millions to watch. I also asked Taps if it was put on, for the show. Alas, no answer to that one either. I have seen and heard more evps and photos with little equipment than Taps has gotten over the years. It is disappointing to think all this high-tech equipment doesn’t really ever capture anything. Also, don’t like the fact that they say hit me, push me,like wanting to get the spirit to show up. Spirits show anytime they want, not when we demand or even ask. The bad part is when they do appear, most researchers don’t have a camera or camcorder handy at the time. So the proof goes out the window. I haven’t watched too many episodes since Brian left. Am sure the other investigators on the show will be taking leave some time or other, just like Brian & Andy. The only thing I like to see, are the homes, forts etc, that we normally wouldn’t have access too. Has anyone noticed that Jason is listed as a producer of the show? Check out maybe I saw something different. I am very happy for Brian at this
    stage in his life, new baby, new job and I wish him all the best.

  62. Brian is an idiot. I’m glad he’s gone. I do agree with the prevailing comments about GHI-hell, it’s hard to deal with the fact that I WANT to like the show but the team they’ve put on it are so damn unappealing that it’s like WORK trying to enjoy it. Sure, Brian brought some spark into it, but that’s not the show’s objective; it’s to find sites worth investigating and seek out potential occurences. That does not require some jackass like Brian running his mouth off, and even though Barry is very respectable and committed, the team lead has the charisma of a used tissue. I prefer and will continue to watch the regular “states” version of the show, and love Grant and Jason, but I’m afraid the GHI show is destined for the trash bin unless they can find a team with the integrity, competence and-most importantly-the telegenic and character value that makes you care what happens to them or what they say. Long live the original; let’s all hope that the spinoff can maybe be saved-is a great concept worth our time with the right folks on board.

  63. Keith, you would fit perfect on GH. You are a jerk just like Jason, Grant and Steve. It sounds like you are should be in a trash bin. To think GH is good is laughable. GHI people are professional and decent people. GH staff are just a bunch of gossiping old ladies. Leave the ghost hunting to GHI. They don’t need someone like you watching them. You complain just like Jason. You are the idiot. Brian knows more about investigating than you all of them put together. Any spin-off from GH with Steve is going to be a bust.

  64. Brian is gone b/c of Steve…point blank. Steve wanted Brian’s job & to be the favorite of Jason & Grant. I agree, Steve set up Brian on numerous occassions. Brian could sometimes be forgetful but he was a 1 man band who had alot to remember for along time, however when Steve came it was easy to see that Steve took advantage of Brian’s “few” memory lapses & made them into “many” memory lapses. I would not doubt for a minute that missing video cables, equipment & etc. were the doings of Steve. You could see on the show how Steve would put pressure on Brian about the missing items(questions, badgering). STEVE WON —-HE IS GETTING HIS OWN SHOW. He & Tango will be in GH – Next Generation.
    Also Steve had a hand off camera in getting Brian in trouble for doing public apperances and not giving Jason & Grant a cut. This is why he in no longer on GHI even though he was not using Sci Fi or the GH Franchise when he made his apperances.
    Not too bad for a strangely tattooed pussy-cat loving (what the heck????) ghost hunting cop??

  65. Traci,
    You said it all. SCI FI and AE should asked the fans if they wanted a spin-off with Steve. They would have got a big NO. To bad Steve is dragging Tango into the show. Tango is a good investigator and if Steve gets jealous of him he will probable let him go are just talk bad about him let Jason and Grant did. Jason and Grant, don’t loose your day job, because hopefully GH will have its last season. Keep taking care of toilets since that is where GH is going. Rob and Barry and the gang are doing a GREAT job. Keep up the good work GHI.

  66. I am a faithful watcher of both GH/TAPS and GHI. I know Brian is gone for some good reasons. In one episode you hear Jason and Grant elude to Brian having money/ and or drug problems.

  67. Smileygirl30,
    Just because Jason and Grant say something doesn’t mean it is true. They are petty gossiping ole women. Brian does not have a drug problem. Jason and Grant are just jealous. Brian has youth and a sense of humor which they lack. They are has been and a pain in the #@?. Rock on GHI.

  68. That is my point exactly Smileygirl30. Jason & Grant, SHOULD NOT be speaking badly of anyone in anyway on their show. Again I will add they do have some of the best investigative skills I have seen to date, however their management skills are lacking & personal opinions of people should be kept off air. They seem to pride themselves on their “professionalism” but their personal comments about their staff make them look quite the opposite. All I am saying is practice what you preach.
    Let all keep are fingers crossed for Tango and hope that Steve doesn’t get jealous & bring him down too like he did Brian. Let’s face it! It is bound to happen when Steve realized that Tango is more popular and better liked than he is on the new show!

    Let’s hope another network is smart enough to give Brian his own show. Wouldn’t it be great if they ran Brians show agains Steve’s show (in the same time slot). Wouldn’t that be sweet revenge for Brian….Dude would run’em over!

  69. You guys are hysterical! Seems like lotsa folks on this board are unaware of the role of editors on these shows – you only see what they allow you to see. You saw Jason dressing down Brian, you didn’t see Jason dressing down Steve. Does that mean it didn’t happen? You don’t know, you weren’t there! It is the EDITORS who put the show together, who choose which clips to put in what order, and those clips add up to impressions — that they WANT to make! You guys have no idea why Brian or Andy left the show, and neither do I. I can only tell you what my impressions of Brian were, which I’ve done in a prior post – (Jane, thanks for your comments. Indeed, my brain is the size of a pea, but at least it’s a melon-sized one) – these are my impressions, my opinion, but I realize that these impressions I have were formed in part by the editors of the shows, who assembled the particular bits they wanted broadcast.

    I hope Brian finds whatever help or healing he needs, there’s no ill will for him here at all. Not sure how you can all be saying that both GH and GHI are “going in the toilet” because GH is the Number One paranormal investigation show on the air, and with such great opening numbers, I’m sure GHI can’t be too far behind. I see Rob starting to loosen up a bit and that’s good — I’m liking Barry’s willingness to try different equipment (LOVE the full-spectrum camera!!)…

    Here’s a question: if entities frequently drain battery power on these investigations, why not just go into these places with lots of extra batteries? Have your equipment batteries all charged up and just stuff your pockets with extras, so that anyone trying to manifest can draw power from these extra stores? Hhmmm….

  70. Well Merry, first off a pea does not come in a melon size. DUH! Just because the editors shows us one side, it still shows us the unprofessional side of Jason and Grant. They are still gossiping old ladies. They are STILL wrong in how they handle talking about and treating Brian on the show. They did it no matter which way you see it. Good luck to Tango because he will need it. He is a good investigator. When Steve isn’t jerking him around. GHI is not going down the toilet just GH. The rating are high because they don’t have many ghost hunting shows on. Ghost Advertures is pretty good. No matter what Brian is 100% better than Steve could every be on a good day.

  71. I agree with Merry. I didn’t like Brian at all. Too much drama. What I don’t understand is why are you watching the show if you can’t stand the people on it? Everyone calling Jason a bully and Steve a wimp are being a hypocrite. You are accusing Jason and Grant of calling Brian names. You are doing the same thing to them. Grow up. Get over it. People leave shows all the time. The networks don’t have to tell you anything. Brian was employeed by TAPS not SciFi. He himself said he left the first time b/c of a girlfriend. Who is to say it wasn’t the same reason. His girlfriend couldn’t stand him being gone all the time. Brian working overseas – I’m sure he was gone all the time……
    Jane, Stop trying to make excusses for the show doing so well. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. We don’t have to agree with you. God knows you are not perfect. TV loves DRAMA. Why do you think they show what they show? They are not going to show you the “happy go lucky” parts because that is boring!
    I guess you don’t work, because that’s the real world. You do what your boss tells you or you get in trouble. Brian was ALWAYS on the cell phone. He wasn’t doing his job. I love Jason and Grant. The only thing that annoys me is they always agree. They never have a disagreement.

  72. Toni you are full of it. I DON’T watch GH anymore. Any professional would not have acted as Jason and Grant did. Get up to date, Brian left the first time because of a bad relationship. His NEW girlfriend is a lot better and he has a beautiful baby girl. I don’t have to work because I am well off so I don’t have to put up with the BS that goes on in the real work places. It seems like you have to take the BS. I am not a hypocrite. I tell it like it is. Brian was on the phone for one or two episodes. Not every time. He is a better investigator than Steve will ever be. Jason, Grant and Steve are idiots. Seems like you are too.

  73. Jane… I agree with you… Brian had problems and he even said he was having problems with his old girlfriend, but he was a good investigator. He would do whatever was needed for the good of the team… I’m sure that TAPS has plenty of employee problems. Look how many people have been on that show and left. But the only one who’s personal information was dragged through the mud for the world to see was Brian’s….

    Jason is a bully, and full of himself… Have you ever noticed that everything is Jason’s…. I founded TAPS, My Office, My Equipment, My Crew, My, My, My…. In the beginning Jason paided for almost everything, but a couple of years ago he told Grant, he was going to have to pay for half, and Grant agreed. Yet Jason still says everything is his. He treats Grant like an employee instead of a partner…

    And as for Steve, have you ever noticed how many places he won’t investigate because he’s afraid there might be a spider… How can you be a good investigator when you’re afraid of your own shadow?

  74. Ditto Annie. Grant is just a follower to put up with Jason. Jason and Steve are just winnies. They whine about everything. Worst then little spoiled girls. Brian was more a man than the whole bunch. He took a lot from them and still smiled and investigated. Cudos to Brian. He should be glad he doesn’t work with them. Too bad he didn’t get his own show instead of Steve. SCI FI should have asked the viewers. I know I would have watch Brian. I KNOW I won’t watch Steve. He is so concerned about the spiders he doesn’t investigate. Just think how much he could have missed and will miss because of his stupidity.

    1. It’s no surprise that someone like Steve is scared of everything that lives, breathes, walks, and shits. Not really a surprise since he has no back-bone whatsoever.

  75. Jane…I keep hearing that Steve is getting his own show. I can’t imagine anyone giving Steve his own show. The guy is afraid of heights, afraid of bugs, acts like a little kid. I can’t believe anyone would want to watch him or that anyone would invest in a series for someone who is suppose to be a ghost hunter, but won’t go into a crawl space, attic or anywhere that could possibly have a bug in it. I guess they’ll do all their investigating in low buildings because Steve can’t even go up into a lighthouse without having a panic attack. I give this show about a month.

  76. Annie..Steve is suppose to take Tango to work with him on his new show. I hope the rumors are wrong. Tango is a good investigator. Steve has played pranks on Tango and got away with it. I hope SCI FI wakes up and get good investigators to have a new show. Brian would have been perfect. Steve missed a lot of areas by being scared. He said he is not afraid of ghost–but I wonder–.

  77. just saw brian harnois at bay state paranormal taunton mass. brian gave a class on paranormal history.everyone loved him, all where impressed with his demeanor and is down to earth personality he stayed an extra hour took pictures for free it is plain to see he has a lot of experience about ghost he mentioned his large collection of books on the subject of ghost told many storys of investigations i was as all who were there very impressed with his lecture and with brian he was a vital member of taps and the most interesting team member its a mistake to let him go,taps needs to bring him back.or i’ll stop watching.joe d

  78. Joe d,
    Lucky you were able to see Brian lecture. He knows more about ghosts than Steve will ever know. The little Brian forgot is all Steve knows. Jason and Grant lost a good ghost investigator when they let Brian go. They were jealous of him from the start. He was the most liked on the whole show. He made GH. People watched to see Brian, not the gossiping old ladies. (Jason, Grant and Steve). Good luck to Brian in whatever he does. Hopefully we will see him again on TV.

    1. i agree with all of you steve i used to be cool with me but who likes a know it all or show off all the time it gets borning.who would like to be put down or be made to feel stupid all the time treat people with respect.i knew brian was a screw up but i liked the guy he had class and knows the paranormal world as well as anyone..i love the paranornal field side comment but when it comes to making money or lying to the fans ect the jacket pull was so disappointing we will see what happens with the future of the show i still watch none the less.laters gh fans

  79. Jane… Wouldn’t you love, just once, when Jason was going into one of his rants, for Grant to stand up to him and tell him ENOUGH! I like Grant as an investigator and I know he’s a mellow guy, but he is the Co-Founder and someone needs to step-up and tell Jason to cool it…

    Joe… That is cool. I’d love to see Brian in person and have the chance to form my own opinion about him. All I know is what I have surmized from watching the show, and I, like Jane feel he made both shows he was on better!

  80. I agree with Jo Cabrillo, Steve Gonsalves, is the source of friction with Brian. Steve became the teachers pet and pushed Brian out!

  81. Brian Harnois was harmless, and was in fact (like many have already stated) one of the more entertaining investigators on the Taps team.
    Steve on the other hand, is a backstabber!
    Steve couldn’t wait to get Brian’s job as head tech when the opportunaty presented itself!
    Steve in fact, isn’t even a good investigator.
    Steve’s fear of heights is a hinderance on some of their investigations (like the light House investigations)
    And…As soon as Steve got Brian’s job he began to have conflicts with the other investigators.

    Did Jason and Grant notice what was going on and try to resolve these issues? Answer: NO!
    They turned a blind eye to everyone of Steve’s screwups, and gave him the benefit of doubt that Brian never got once on the show.
    Brian was judged using a completely different set of rules by both Jason and Grant, than was afforded Steve.
    Talk about being “unprofessional” JASON!!! (As both you and Grant accused Brian of being when he ran away when something scared the bezeezuz out of him at the Eastern State penitentiary!)
    That was one of the best moments of the whole show!

    I’d say it was time for both Jason & Grant to do a little “self analysis” with what is happening with Ghost Hunters nowadays.
    The show needs a “tuneup” Guys…and seems to have lost some of it’s initial attraction since they kicked Brian off of the team.

  82. Dan you said it all. If only Jason and Grant would read these comments, they would see what the viewers saw. They need to look at the old shows and see how they sounded and how Steve acted. They need to admit that Brian was the best investigator they had. He was not afraid of spiders, bugs, heights or GHOSTS. The incident at Eastern State Pen was great. It showed he was human and did what anyone would have done. Run dude!! Steve would probably have wet his pants. HAHA.

  83. As with a lot of people, I had formed my own opinion about Brian based on the editing of the show. The only way to form an honest opinion about him is to meet him in person. I just met Brian yesterday at the Bay State Paranormal Center’s open house in Taunton, Massachusetts. He held a mini-talk comparing the differences between international ghost hunting to investigating in the states. I found him down-to-earth, intriguing, easy to approach and talk to. He doesn’t hold himself on a high pedestal as I thought he would. Though I’d love to see him on a show again, his priorities have changed as they should after one has children. I look forward to attending further lectures with him as I feel he has a lot to offer to the paranormal investigating community…regardless of anyone’s opinion.

  84. What is most sad, in my opinion, is the clear character assassination that occurred. I read all the comments and it seems anyone who has ever met Brian says he is nothing like they expected. They expected a pompous, whiny, moron and were taken aback by an intelligent, down-to-earth family guy. That’s so sad. Jason and Grant knew what they were doing, and as people who have known him for so long, shame on them. I am glad he is still out there meeting fans, so people get a chance to see the REAL Brian and not the one TAPS threw under the bus for ratings.

  85. Unfortunately most of the evidence GH has captured can easily be debunked-Grant has a habit of going off alone and then capturing evidence of movement that could be someone manipulating objects with fine wire(Stanley Hotel-picture frame,Fire House-Rocking chair).GH has never been real.Would a ghost at Eastern State Penitentiary wear black skate shoes and have remarkably Steve Gonsalves-like skinny, pasty white calves?They will not allow independent scrutiny of their captured ‘evidence’ drama of Brian’s ‘toxic relationship’ and departure,return and demotion and subsequent squabbling with the annoyingly smug Steve Gonsalves was all no more real than the plotlines of pro wrestling-Its a TV show,Guys!

    1. Hey Guys!

      I totally want to say a good comment on Barry Fitzgerald’s comments!!! YOu people don’t get it with watching any of these shows like GHI or GH. I totally watch them all the time when there’s nothing else on television period. I want to tell you guys that you gotta show support. But although i support steve and brian. He was cool and that!
      So barry if you want to reply on my comment then i LOVE you for being such a sweet guy on the show and doing an excellent job!

      Love always,
      Laura watson

  86. I personally liked Brian, I don’t think he was treated well. I don’t watch very much anymore. I saw a lot more sneaky behavior on Steve’s part he’s one of those it’s better to keep at a distance. I am right most of the time about my feelings for a person’s character and Steve was out to get Brian’s job from the start. the next person to get in Steves way should watch out. Also I think Donna was a trouble maker her and Steve make a good team.

  87. I loved Brian, I think he was the best we saw him in person at a show in New Jersey with Steve and Tango. I think Jason, treated Brian with little respect, and if he watched some of the shows himself he would have seen some of the things they blamed Brian for was Steves fault when they were listening to the information from a job. I was also waiting to hear what happpened to Brian on Ghost Hunters Internation he worked well with rob, everytime they keep changing the staff. Brian was the best ever. Thanks

  88. About a year or so ago, I began searching the internet to see if anyone besides I thought that Jason and Steve were arrogant people. At that time, most of the comments were favorable. I began to think that I was off base as far as my opinions of these two men went.
    Tonight I thought I would try it again and found this website. Wow!!!! I agree with so much that I’ve read. However, in my opinion, Grant has a softer part of him than his partner does. Often, he tried to diffuse uncomfortable situations in a calmer way. Having said that, there were times that he and Jason were so unprofessional as far as Brian goes. Not at any point should we, as viewers, been privy to any of this drama. It should have been taken care of in private and not have taken up valuable viewing time of the show.
    Jason has become so arrogant that it is hard to watch him. The idea that he buys Steve’s b*lls%#t is a testament to the fact that he ain’t as smart as he thinks he is. I think too that Steve hid some things to make it look like Brian lost them.
    Have you ever noticed that Steve rarely gets a hit of any kind? Even the ghosts don’t like him.
    Brian was far more successful in his search of all things ghostly. In fact, it drives me nuts when the cameras go to Steve for any length of time because it’s so boring to watch him run his mouth trying to stir up something. He also has to explain the same things over and over again on each show. Eeeeek.
    It just seems inconcievable that no mention is ever made of the fact that Steve is afraid of so many things and Brian ran from something one time and he was never able to live that down. Perhaps he lied because he knew whaat was coming as far as Jason went. Who knows.
    Brian drove me crazy at times, but he added a lot to the show that will be missed. I wish him the best.

  89. Please bring Brian Harnois back. It really irks me that Jason would always believe Steve just because he was a cop. In my opinion, that’s an even bigger reason not to believe him. We all know how cops lie. They are some of the most arrogant people on earth.

    Bring back Brian!!!!

  90. Barry, I get what you’re saying but I think there is a lot more to it than that. I know people who have met Jason and Grant at conventions and they have talked smack about Brian even then, over a year after he left TAPS. There was no camera there! It’s a lot deeper than drama for the show. They have also bashed him in their book. I hear another one is coming out, I would be shocked if they don’t bash him again. Seems to me they made a career off trying to ruin his.

  91. I thought I was the only one who was turned off by Steve’s drama.

    At first I thought the stuff between Steve and Tango was funny, but Steve just takes it way too far. Then the Waverly Hills episode (#214) with Steve and Brian during the analysis was priceless.

    Steve starts with his “on camera put-down show” directing it at Brian for having a “Dude, Run” hat. But then Brian turns it right back on Steve. He said Steve needed a catch phrase for a hat…thought a minute and then said, “Hmmm, how about ‘I’m afraid of spiders.’ Or, ‘I’m afraid of heights.’ Or, ‘I’m afraid of flying.'”

    If Steve’s looks could kill, Brian would’ve been been dead.

    Next scene, Steve sits next to Brian with his arms crossed in the, “I need my Mommy” body language!!!

    Major grins because Steve didn’t like it…but you gotta take it if you’re gonna dish it out. Unfortunately that’s just it, Steve gets rid of anyone who can dish it out (by setting them up for failure in Big Jay’s eyes)!

    BTW, what’s with Steve sleeping on the bed while Brian and Tango do the analysis during that show??? Steve’s going down, down, down IMO.

    Earlier someone mentioned about Steve setting up Brian in the set-up and take-down jobs, and that brought to mind about the time when Brian had everything set up except the mouse (which was critically needed to start a program before “lights out”) that Brian had looked high and low for. Steve had made himself scarce, and at the last second showed up and said it was in his trunk. Hmmm, sounds fishy to me! Why would he have the mouse in his trunk?

  92. (forgot to include this in my earlier post)

    I believe Jason and Grant started TAPS around 1990. GH started 14 years later in 2004.

    Why could Jason and Grant tolerate Brian for the 14 years before GH, then suddenly (after Steve comes on the scene) Brian is no longer tolerable?

    Seems to me since Jason got rid of Brian 3 times (GH x2 + GHI x1) and continues to publicly humiliate him, then Jason not only owes Brian a PUBLIC apology, but also the public an explanation of WHY he overlooked Steve’s screw-ups and painfully obvious set-ups of Brian, and got rid of Brian the last two times.

    As for finding out WHY Brian was let go, that should only come from Brian at HIS option (to possibly save Brian further public humiliation).

  93. Hal,
    Why should Brian be humiliated? Brian is way better off not being around the three “AHoles”. Jason, Grant and precious Steve. Brian is probably the better man for just walking away. We will all miss him and if A&E would wise up they would give Brian a show, NOT Steve. Brian is on speaking tours and is doing fine. We all wish him the best of luck. DON’T BUY JASON’S BOOK AND HE WILL STOP WRITING TRASH.

  94. Calley-

    Are you kidding me? While Brian may have been a great investigator at one time (Prior to TV exposure), all he did was lie on GH. Jason and Grant gave him warnings and chances to redeem himself time after time. The lies never stopped. This guy is in his 30’s when the F@%k is he gonna grow up? He was loud, obnoxious, and a coward. “Dude Run” is not something to be proud of. He didn’t go in to investigations with an analytical mind. Every piece of dust was a ghost. As far as Donna goes she left of her own volition for health reasons. There’s a HUGE difference between being let go and leaving for personal reasons.
    When Brian showed up on GHI, I wondered how long it would be before he was let go from that team also. Didn’t have to wait very long did I?

    Let’s wait and see how long before he “f%@ks himself again!


  96. If you go back to the beginning of Ghost Hunters (the first few shows) everyone got along fine. Then Steve came into the picture and things suddenly came up missing and Brian would get blamed. Even though the whole team was setting up, taking down, packing and unpacking equipment. The only one who was ever blamed was Brian.

    Then when Steve became Brian’s boss and things came up missing it was still Brian who was the whipping boy. Kristen accidently pulled a plug and lost the voice recordings for a whole investigation. It turned out that Steve knew the battery backup had gone out 4-5 weeks earlier and nothing was being backed-up all that time. Not one word was said to Steve.

    The table that holds their equipment was left at an investigation, and after several weeks without it, they were on a case and couldn’t find anything to put the computers, etc on. Jason and Grant asks Steve where it was and Steve admits that it had been gone for weeks and again, not a word to Steve.

    Brian tells Steve they have to leave the equipment running all night and come back in the morning to get it. Steve starts complaining, Jason hears them and starts screaming at Brian, never once even looking Steve’s way.

    There was without a doubt a huge difference between the way Jason and Grant treated Brian and Steve and both shows, GH & GHI were much better with Brian and I’d love to see him back, maybe on his own show.

    Besides, I’ll take Dude Run any day over Steve screaming and running away every time there’s a spider!

  97. Vimmie,
    First off you don’t have to cuss. Secondly, you and Jennalynn are the minority. Everyone else is on Brian’s side. Just watch the old shows and see for yourself how one sided it was. For some reason, Jason, Grant and whinny Steve are so jealous and insecure about Brian. Jason licks Steve’s butt. No matter what Steve does, Jason just turns the other way. One sided. Deep down he can’t be THAT stupid not to see what Steve has been doing. He is making a fool out of Jason, which doesn’t take much. I think Brian lied sometimes just so he would not get his butt chewed out. Steve lied all the time when he was setting up Brian. LOOK AT THE OLD SHOWS and you can clearly see how the sneak does it. I wouldn’t trust Steve as far as I could throw him. He is not someone a mother would be proud of.

  98. My husband and I liked what Brian brought to both series. We agree with those that stated the series are now dry and lifeless. Like the Teams of Brian, Dustin and Tango. Tango had become a “yes man” for Steve. Too bad that someone has to ” mess with what works”.

  99. Hi Brian…
    We have been watching GH since its beginning. We all all agree with the comments posted by other fans. It was a shame and VERY nonprofessional the way you were treated by other TAPS family members….especially on National TV. I recently had a conversation with an individual last weekend (who I met randomly at the St. Pat’s Parade in Raleigh, NC), about Ghost Hunting. We have had paranormal experiences though out our lives, and subsequently started visiting places known to have paranormal activity. My sixteen year old and I have been doing this for years and have some interesting pix. Anyway, our conversation turned to the TAP/GH show. One of the items we spoke about was how unfairly you were victimized, and publicly criticized. I think the Big Three at TAPS owe you a public apology. They really hurt the show….and their credibility as professionals.

  100. I sincerely love watching Ghost Hunters TAPS !!! I and other nurses I work with have become addicted to this show. We do like everyone but also miss Brian and Donna also Andy !!! We really miss Brian. He was indeed excited about his work and added a lot of personality to the show. I hope that in the future we can see them all together again. Sincerely Marjorierose

  101. Brian Harnois = annoying TV. I don’t care about his lying or the way he was treated, just that he was so annoying to watch. I have seen every GH episode, and BH just chased EMF readings;”1.4….1.6…..2.0…right here!right here!…..2.4, 1.6, 1.2, wait….1.8, 2.2 right here,right here!!” His voice is piercing, he was bossy, and probably slept through important evidence for desperate homeowners. Do I miss Brian? no way, in fact he probably scared the ghosts.

    Brian may be the greatest guy in the world, but was a very poor and annoying ghost hunter, and that’s the bottom line.

  102. The latest rumor on Brian is he is openeing a new website but cannot be confirmed. Supposedly it’s going to start a new trend of growing sideburns wider instead of longer, and bring together all the men in the world who are pro-widesideburns. The site will also quell rumors that people with wide side burns are blundering oafs.

  103. Gordong11,
    The only oaf and annoying person is you. Brian is more a man than you will be. He never made fun of people because they had sideburns. It shows what an immuture person you are. You probably can’t even grow them. Brian looks good. You are just jealous.

  104. I will miss Brian. He is who he is, warts and all. I miss him and don’t find the show nearly as entertaining without him. I think he added so much more to the show than just an employee. Brian was the salt of the show. With him gone so is most of the flavor. His enthusiasm will really be missed.

  105. There is more to this then we will ever know. I believe Jay and Grant wanted more money from the GHI show. I don’t think they are enthusiastic about it at all. Steve has always been a slimeball. Frankly I’d like to see a show with Brian, Andy, and Donna. Though I know that wouldn;t happen.

  106. Thanks Annie. I agree with Gerry also. Jason gave up his integrity because of his ego. All he had to do was be a MAN and admit he was wrong. GH could be SO MUCH better. He is always scraping up investigators. He had the best and let him go because of his ego. His big head is bringing the show down. Grant should get rid of Jason and everyone would enjoy it better. Donna, Dustin, Andy, Grant and of course Brian should have their own show. A&E listen to the viewers.

  107. I kind of like the way that Grant and Jason interact. The “Main” characters in the show. Totally a Grant fan, but mostly because I like his music. So all the others just seem like extra’s to me. So they can come, they can go. Shrug. I love Paranormal shows and Drama so bring on all the ruckess and hub bub you can Ghost Hunters. Bring back Brian if it means its entertaining havock, but please please don’t take away Grant Wilson.

  108. brian, dawlin, don’t let it dget you down. when people put other people down they think it makes them look good. NOT…. It shows how imiture they really are. You are a great Ghost hunter and don’t let any one make you believe differently. We all have our differences and they couldn’t handle it. Keep going. I wish I could work with you.It would be fun. You’re sweet, dawlin, Lynn

  109. I Don’t know a single person that liked Brian. i wanted to punch him in the face! he was soooo annoying! thats why they shipped him off to GHI bc no one could stand him. the whole GHI crew is a bunch of the outcasts.. Thank God Brian was kicked off! you are Nuts for wanting him back that Voice and Stubborness Ugh!

  110. Well, apparently most of the show is faked. Search TAPS lies on youtube. The jacket pull, the voices, the bad acting by Grant, the chair moving at the lighthouse. All faked. Man what a bummer.

    Don’t be fooled like I was if you think it is real.

  111. I think the show suffered when they began zeroing in on Brians problems with the team! Not much of a story line! Also steve is always jacking around when he should be working!

  112. How about the episode where Brian’s wife had a baby? Jason explains Brian won’t be on the California investigations due to “personal issues”. If his having his firstborn child is a personal issue in Jason’s mind then it makes me question all the OTHER personal issues we heard about, but were never told what they were! Who says that? I thought it was so low class, especially from a man with at least 5 kids.

  113. You people are hilareous! Wow, can anyone have an opinion without acidic, juvenile replies? A lot of us could not stand Brian and don’t miss him. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I think the show is great and enjoy it with all the different cast members.

  114. Brian was one of the better parts of the show. He is certainly missed. Let’s face it if you could go ghost hunting with Brian or Jason who would you go with. I’d be afraid Jason would go into one of his rants and smack me or something. At least with Brian, we might see a ghost and if we didn’t, at least it would be fun!

    It was obvious that Jason had issues. His wife hates the ghost hunting and the fact that it keeps him away from home. She was very hard on Jason and he would take his problems at home out on Brian. Anyone who watched GH’s from the beginning could see that. Anytime Brian was around Jason, he had a look on his face like someone who was abused. He would always look like he was waiting for the hammer to drop. Besides bringing up personal issues on the show was extremely unprofessional. It made Jason look like the jerk.

    I think Grant tried to keep the peace, but lets face it, would you want to try to reel Jason in when he’s having a fit? I like Grant, I think he’s a great guy and a good investigator. I just wish he was a little stronger when it comes to dealing with Jason. Did anyone catch on the show about their new Inn in NH, when Jason said “My Inn”. I just wish once Grant would say, don’t you mean “Our Inn”.

    Steve, he’s a whole other story. He got Brian’s job, that’s what he wanted. Someday he’ll get his for the nasty little things he did behind Brian’s back.

  115. Annie,
    Amen. You said it all. Grant has NO backbone when it comes to dealing with the bully (Jason). He probably does believe it is just his inn. Once a jerk is always a jerk.

  116. I’ve watched GH from the beginning, and yes, we only get edited tidbits of the team’s interaction with one another and the investigations. I do agree that Brian was a competent investigator. I do not disagree with his treatment based on what we were allowed to see, however. Ignoring the issues surrounding setup/breakdown and other equipment issues, he was a liar, plain and simple. He was caught out in little lies all the time, and in a field where your reputation makes or breaks you, you CAN NOT afford to have an exposed liar on the team. Personal opinions on Brian and his personality quirks aside, one lie televised should have been enough to sign his walking papers, period.

  117. I don’t know what show most of you people are watching, but Brian was the biggest crybaby on the show! I agree that Grant & Jason need to hop down off of thier high horses and except that they’re not perfect, but Brian was the biggest phoney on the show. He wanted to be the equipment manager soooooooooooo bad, but when things could’nt be found, he blamed it on someone else. He always had an excuse for everything. It was his job to make sure the equipment was “MANAGED”, not Jason’s, not Grant’s, or maybe a ghost took it! I for one am glad of this little weasles demise! Rock on T.A.P.S.!

  118. Brian is a good investigator. We may not know what happened behind the scene, but we do know what happened on camera and he was treated very badly. I hope Jason and Steve go back and watch themselves from the old investigations. Maybe they’ll take a good hard look at their actions, which were not the actions of a friend and extremely unprofessional! No matter how hard Brian worked he was the butt of every joke and nasty comment. They took great joy in using him as their wipping boy.

    Brian made mistakes and he admitted that he did. I have a lot more respect for someone who knows they were wrong, admits it and tries to make up for their shortcomings. I’ve never seen Jason or Steve admit they were wrong about anything. If they were truly Brian’s friends they would not have treated him the way they did. Instead, they bad mouth him when they make appearances, they say negative things about him on their MySpace page and they put him down in the books they have written.

    I can’t help but think that in many ways Brian has moved on and they haven’t. Brian seems to be happy making appearances, ghost hunting on his own and spending time with family. If you asked Brian, I doubt he would have anything bad to say about anyone from GH. I also doubt you could say the same for Jason or Steve.

  119. I LOVE Brian. I wish there was a Brian Harnois fanclub I could join. He is always so funny, sweet, gentle and over-all, enthusiastic. Admittedly, he never came across as a perfect human being, but certainly his flaws were less than those of the conniving and manipulative, and spiteful sorts that he always came against. I think he should have his own show. But then, as you can tell, I like Brian… 😉

    P.S. I lost the most respect for Jason and the GHI leader guy Robb? when, on the Beyond Reality radio show they smirked and made snide comments about how Brian was going to be removed from GHI. It’s silly to care about a dumb tv show, but, well, Brian just seems like such a regular guy… I can relate to him.

  120. Brian was my faveroute like alot of peoples here.
    Yes he was annoying sometimes but he made this show fun and not so formal.

    My fave memory of Brian was in season 3 when TAPS were investigating a carrier and they were setting equipment up and brian came out of nowhere and did a Michael Jackson dance hahahaha, thats what i liked about him he was a great character.

    Im not a fan of Steve at all, i don’t like Kris either, Donna was heaps better.
    The only one i like now appart form Grant and Jason is Tango.

    Bring back Brian in a new Ghost show with Donna and Tango in one team 🙂

  121. I am an avid GH and GHI fan and have watched the progression of mistreatment towards Brian. It is ridiculous! There was so much mistreatment of Brian by (mostly) Jason and Steve that I started keeping a log. THEY set him up for error with their constant berating and searching for reasons to yell at him or humiliate him and forcing him to walk on eggshells.

    There was such obvious bias when it came to Brian and Steve. The things Brian got yelled at for were dismissed when Steve did the same. Jason once said that the reason they don’t yell at Steve is because he’s up front and honest about it. WHAT? Steve is so obviously dishonest that it comes across loud and clear over the airways. That aside, Brian DID admit instances when he screwed up or forgot something, etc. But for Jason and Steve, it was open season on Brian.

    Another instance of unfair treatment between Brian and Steve; Jason told Brian to tell Steve that they were going to leave things running all night at a home in his (Jason’s) hometown. Brian told Steve and Steve started whining. He questioned Jason’s decision and openly disagreed with it. Jason shows up asks to see ‘both’ of them but then went off on Brian like a crazy person. Not once did Jason even look at Steve nor did he direct any of his anger towards Steve. Afterwards, there was Brian packing things up while Steve was whopping it up with Jason. I had hoped that the reason we did not see Jason yell at Steve was due to editing, but alas it was not, as Brian pointed out that fact and sadly added that he was “used to it”.

    Then there was the trip to the Mishler Theatre when Brian got lost. Jason went on and on and on about ‘the stupidity factor’, ‘couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag’, etc. BUT as they were leaving the theatre, JASON got lost. And instead of apologizing to Brian for going off on him in front of everyone, he told Grant that they cannot tell Brian that he too got lost because it would be “unproductive”. Unproductive? Does Jason know what unproductive means? He should have said they can’t tell Brian that Jason got lost because it would mean that Jason would have to apologize and possibly look stupid himself – after all if Brian was stupid for getting lost, then Jason too was stupid for doing the same.

    Steve is an idiot and I really cannot understand the love affair Jason has with him. I completely understand the love affair Steve has with Jason, because Jason is the boss and Steve is a bootlicker. Steve is deceitful, underhanded, a liar, and a back-stabber. HE’S the one that should get the boot – that is if they can remove his lips from Jason’s behind long enough.

    1. Another one is where Steve and Brian are analyzing video and audio, but it’s Steve’s idea to fast-forward through a lot of stuff…but Brian gets the dress down and they pick his stuff to check again, finding supposed evp’s which were never even shown in the reveal…in fact, I think it was just audio matrixing..or with the way they fake stuff, put a few mumbles on the audio just to find something to blame Brian for….Brian really did get shafted, he even got Kristyn Gartland on the TAPS team after begging him and begging him, the stabs him in the back first chance she gets.

  122. Sue,
    Ditto to everything you said. Jason is the BIGGEST ASS on tv. Him and Steve must be in love. Jason treats Steve like a lover. Never fussing at him or admitting he is a jerk. They are two of a kind. They deserve each other. I DON’T watch GH or GHI any more. Tune into Ghost Adventures. It is more entertaining and interesting. Plus the guys are cute. They have MORE realist things happening and they are more trustworthy. You can believe them 110% more than the idiots on GH and GHI. Excluding Tango, Donna, and Dustin. Barry is ok. The other are just has been unprofessional jerks.

    1. OMG! Ghost Adventures suck soooo bad. They are such douch bags lol..I love GH even though it has sold out a little bit.

  123. I like Gost Hunters shows, All the team are good with different personality, which is good because it doesn’t get borring. But that Brian gotta go!!
    He has not respect for the Gost, who are people that are not resting in peace. They are disturbed from the gost teams just for entertaining the leaving a front their TV’s. I would like to remind all the Gost Hunters Team that Gost deserve respect!! Brian is insulting them all the time and I watch the show hoping that finally he find a bad ass Gost that kick his ass for good.!Remember Brian, that we all Die and what it goes around comes around! You migth deal with your replica one day, from the other side.

  124. I found the way Brian was treated on GH insulting and was offended by it. Steve whines way to much and b ehaves unprofessionally. Brian did much better work than the other investigators and was much more fun to watch. Ghost Hunters is really going down instead of improving. Ghost Adventures is by far the better show. Sci Fi Channel needs to hook up with GA to help them with there paranormal line up. GHI is even better than GH but they let Brian slip away he was the only person on either show with any personality at all.

  125. Don’t know about Brian Harnois but I do recall Donna leaving an episode of GHI early and heading home due to illness which turns out was Chrones Disease. In case anyone doesn’t know and sparing the graphic details its a horrible digestive disorder that can be quite painful and debilitating. Seems her remission ended.

  126. From very reliable sources Brian is a crook. He owes several locations a lot of money. He would host ghost hunts at different high profile locations such as a large Sanatorium (with mentioning names). He made agreements with these places to share the income, but he collected all of the money when people paid and did NOT pay the location managers. I believe this is why he was let go from GHI. He is burning every bridge he crosses. Shame on you Brian, you had a good thing going with Ghost Hunters and you fucked it all up.


  128. Point the blame on Jay, Grant, and SyFy all you want. Bottom line, Brian screwed up on many occasions and rarely ever took the blame and blamed every one else. Yeah, Jay may have yelled at Brian all the time but Brian was constantly loosing his equipment, which dosen’t grow on trees. I recall when TAPs investigated the theater, Brian (all alone) reported a chair randomly falling over. There were NO other clues that paranormal activity was going on there. He lied, he was clumsy, and blew little signs of paranormal evidence out of proportions. I do not clearly understand why TAPs would have hired him in the first place.

  129. Am I the only one that remembers the shows where Brian catches grief because of something Grant or Jay told Steve to do or not do. Then Steve either lied or omitted the truth???

  130. To the person who called Brian the crook. So, are you Jason, Grant or Steve? LOL! Can I just say how funny that is that someone is here with those claims about Brian when TAPS Con is in serious trouble for dishonest business practices and owing tons of money to fans and who knows who else? The guy who runs the con, Brent Fair, is still doing other conventions with cast members of GH AND GHI! Why would they still appear at his events with all the turmoil surrounding him?

  131. To tell the truth I am glad that idiot Brian is gone. I have had several encounters with the other side and if I had to have a partner like Brian I would just shoot myself and join them. I knew he was a idiot from the first time I saw him on GH and knew he woul screw up in the series. Well he did it in both GH and GHI. HEY DUDE RUN!!!!!!! Stay in NJ you idiot.

  132. I couldn’t stand Brian from the beginning of the show. He has always lied about experiences and nothing ever seems to happen to him until no one else is there to see it. Case in point, Brian was helping to investigate the big ship with the group. Everyone walks away for a second and then all of a sudden a chair just “flies to the floor all on it’s own” and Brian was the only one to witness it. When they asked him about the encounter, his eyes got extremely wide and he jutted his neck out and raised the octave of his voice. These are easy bodily signs that someone is telling a lie. In like manner, everytime he supposedly heard or saw something, he immediately took a defensive stance when talking about it. If you’re telling the truth, there’s no need to be defensive when giving the facts. He’s a clown and a liar and I am happy that he is gone.

  133. It’s not near as good without Brian, he was the reason my daughter and me watched it, a lot of people i talked to are disappointed that he is no longer on the show, i know they are trying to be professional, but if you see a ghost i think it’s okay to show a little emotion, and not talk in monotone way, i still watch ghi, but ghost hunters is boring now

  134. That’s the thing about every good show. They change people. The show goes down hill. The chemistry changes. Now you have Steve and Tango trying to do a comedy act while investigating.

  135. Brian was NOT kicked off the show He left for family reasons. “family is more important to him than the show” If you were a fan of his you would know that. It is easy for people to point fingers and give explanation and not have a clue what they are talking about. Brian is quirky but he made the show watchable. I myself cannot stomache GHI since he left allthough I still watch GH. I would be looking for him soon enough on a new show of his own creation and I personaly cant wait thanx Brian L

  136. J. Rice :I couldn’t stand Brian from the beginning of the show. He has always lied about experiences and nothing ever seems to happen to him until no one else is there to see it. Case in point, Brian was helping to investigate the big ship with the group. Everyone walks away for a second and then all of a sudden a chair just “flies to the floor all on it’s own” and Brian was the only one to witness it. When they asked him about the encounter, his eyes got extremely wide and he jutted his neck out and raised the octave of his voice. These are easy bodily signs that someone is telling a lie. In like manner, everytime he supposedly heard or saw something, he immediately took a defensive stance when talking about it. If you’re telling the truth, there’s no need to be defensive when giving the facts. He’s a clown and a liar and I am happy that he is gone.

    Grant and Jay are the biggest frauds of them all

    1. Because they always asked him like he is lying. God they made the poor kid nervous all the time I would be sweating too. The way they treat steve you think he’s the one that carried the cross instead of Jesus!!!

    2. No doubt, heck, they aren’t even Roto-Rooter plumbers…anyone can check with the RI licensing bureau and find that out, or do a search on the net “Jay and Grant not plumbers”. Might be surprised at what you find, they are just walking billboards. Also, people don’t call them, Pilgrim productions calls places and sets up home visits for them, the call taken in the office is fake, like the call to them “working” I have yet to see a plumber wear rubber gloves like Dr.s, or the big yellow rubber gloves, they usually have leather gloves to protect from sharp edges on pipes or burrs sticking out on a pipe and working with the drain snake….yeah, those wimpy rubber gloves they show are really what plumbers use…, they just don’t want to get their hands dirty while “playing plumber”

  137. Camilla :Hi, I´m a huge fan of Ghost hunters international…I´m from Brazil and I´ve been watching the episodes for quite some time. I personally think he should come back to the show, he was sort of crazy but he was fun! I noticed he wasn´t being shown in some episodes but I saw an episode in which the guys go to his house to try talk to him. I thought the situation was weird and a bit impolite because they were exposing him and his personal life! As if nobody else had problems in this crazy world, give us a break!If he has some issues to solve, please can you respect that! Everyone has problems and he´s certainly not an exception. They didn´t have to show it on TV! Do they feel better now?I’d rather watch less episodes after the way they treated him in front of the TV…..imagine how awful…and I´m in South America!!!!!!I hope Brian comes back and wish him all the good luck he deserves!Everyone has problems that sometimes are not so easily to be solved.Take care and God bless you all.Kisses from Brazil fans!Camilla

  138. Hi guys, here’s my opinion. Take it or leave it 🙂

    I think Brian is a decent guy, and a good investigator. That being said, Ghost Hunters is arguably better without him. Why? Because Brian is usually a cause of drama, whether it’s his fault or not. Does anyone remember that episode where he wanted to raise hell at Steve because of a missing battery charger, and Steve calmly tells him that it was in the van? From that point on I knew that Brian was actively seeking to sabotage Steve, and Steve even called him on it soon afterwards.

    In the show, Brian obviously felt like he was being ganged up on, but there is no indication that he talked to either Grant or Jason about his concerns. He knew that his lying would be caught on camera early in season 1, and if he had a problem with this he should have moved on to a TAPS family that was not being filmed (they do have plenty). Most of all, he should have been honest about his commitments. Instead he prefers to be dramatic.

    Should Jason and Grant handled his employment better? Probably (I’m guessing confidentially contracts were something they didn’t initially have at TAPS). I’m guessing they did finally get the hint and that’s why his second departure is not recorded at all. In which case, those that are complaining about his unexplained disappearance have no right to do so.

    Overall though, the drama has been cut way down because of Brian’s departure, and sorry but I think that is a benefit. Now they can focus on the actual ghosts!

  139. Everyone knows that Ghost Hunters has had plenty of personal issues and a ton of staff that are there one day and gone the next, never to be seen again. It’s so bad, that sometimes they have to bring people all the way from the California Paranormal group to help cover investigations. Yet with all the issues and people leaving, the only one who’s personal business was ever hung out for the whole world to see and critique was Brian’s. Very Unprofessional!!!!!!!!

  140. I will not be watching Ghost Hunters anymore I like Ghost Adventures so much more. I thought jason was always so mean to him and they always kiss Steve’s ass. Brian I though, felt hated and he was always picked on by the bald headed one, jason. Steve to me is a kiss ass and they love that and Brian wasnt. I just thought they were mean to him all the time and he even said they always are good to steve but they treat him very unfair!!! Hey Brian call up Ghost Adventures you would have a blast with Nick,and Zack,and Arron, and at least they find ghost!!!

  141. Brian had to many problems. We all have problems and I have be a watcher of both shows since the day they aired. My other half puts up with my stuff and believes he has too much too carry for the show. Show us something. She is just not a believer and I grew up in a haunted place. Brian had to much drama………

    1. Brian was a little annoying sometimes and had problems, but Steve loved to put a magnifying glass in Jasons hands everytime Brian goofed and alot of the times when he didn’t. Brian seemed to really like Steve and think of him as a friend which Steve totally betrayed. But for all of Brians problems isn’t it obvious what Jasons are. Why do you think his rather large wife hated him taking those trips? Because he was on television show and set to make money, nah. It was because jason always insisted on taking women on his out of town trips. I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded getting away to some of those beautiful locations and leaving the kids with family for the weekend. I’m sure Jason could have afforded a babysitter with having a popular T.V. show. Now come on!

  142. My wife and I have both witnessed paranormal experiences throughout our lives and have no doubt about the existence of ghosts.
    This is the reason why we love to watch ghost hunters.
    However, we have seen the way that Jason and Grant were trying to boost ratings by making a “punching bag” out of Brian and we were very disenchanted by it.
    Brian’s honesty was unmatched by everyone else on the show and when they gave him a bad time, they were making bigger fools of themselves.
    Steve was kissing their “you know whats” and trying to undermine Brian to the point of ridiculousness.
    I think the fans of the show know what your little ghost detector devices can do without wasting our time explaining them. I believe they call that “filler”.
    We miss Brian on the show and wish him the best in his new carreer.
    You guys should go back to hustling turds and let the professionals get back on the job. Like Brian!!
    Thanks for your time,


  143. Brian Hanois was a pathetic loser. They gave that annoying fool chance after chance with taps. Too many if you ask me. Even after his problems with the slut he was dating and the incompetence he showed on investigations. They still had him back. Good riddens to bad rubbish! I am a huge fan of taps and I am so thrilled to know that I will never have to look at that morons ugly face or hear his grating voice again. I refuse to even watch reruns that have him in them.

  144. I can not stand Steve Gonsalves, that guy has to be the biggest idiot I have ever seen. I would be so angry if he came in my place and and slapped dirty mops on a door or picked up items and played with them, he should keep his hands off things that don’t belong to him. He is not funny and it looks childish and unprofessional. He give GH a bad image. Why doesn’t Jason and Grant jump all over him like they use to do to Brian? And what is up with Kris showing her cleavage all the time now? Bring Donna and Brian back please!

    1. Ann , what cleavage? It resembles cleavage only smaller. No one is paying her for that. On the other hand I have been paid to show mine.

      Mary Mae, cast member of “Talk Show with Spike Feresten

  145. You people need to get some lives. Brian’s out of the show. I get that most of these comments were made a year ago, but the fact that the show is still doing pretty good and people are still complaining about completely baffles me. Natasha, from a month ago, brought up a good point about how Brian acted on one episode. Yes, he’s a great paranormal investigator, but it’s a tv show. The way he acted was like a child, but that’s not to say everyone else was in the clear on their actions. I enjoy the pairing of Steve and Tango and look forward to their new show Ghost Hunter Academy. Kris and Amy are lovely, and Grant and Jason can do whatever the hell they want; it’s their show. I read an article that was written within the last month about how Steve and Brian are still close friends. If it doesn’t bother Brian, probably shouldn’t bother you.

  146. I don’t undertand the Biran enthusiasts here. Brian was a bullshit artist trying to act like he saw and “understood” more than anyone else at his caste level on GH. I do not think he was intentionally doing this, he was just trying to pimp his position and it backfired. The phonyness was obvious and it got to be too much for Jason and Gramt who I agree don’t pull their weight when it comes to reviewing data. Please keep Brian AWAY from GH & GHI.

  147. I just read this somewhere else and I agree

    “He’s a drama queen, attention-seeker, liar, and total slacker. TAPS is not a serious endeavor to him; it is his “cool” factor”

  148. You all need to get a life, everything you see on the show is for ratings.
    Of course they show Jason and Grant bad mouthing makes great television.

  149. Brian apparently has alot of fans who are blind to the truth. Brian was and still is a liar. On more than one occasion, (I truly believe) Brian fabricated many of the things that happened on the show. He would also be the only one who had knowledge of the things happening.One occasion Grant and Jason questioned the sighting of Brians. Pretty obvious that it was fake. Most of you people are watching for entertainment value and not watching for the knowledge and investigation.

  150. Do you all really believe everything you see on Ghost Hunters is actually “real time”, real world footage between the cast members? Do you really believe that Jason is actually having disagreements with his wife at his kitchen table? Do you really believe Jason and Grant are actually answering Kris’ calls while fixing the John? Lastly, do you really believe that owners of a company would actually have negative conversations about an employee on camera? Come on….

  151. Haven’t watched Ghost Hunters much since Brian left and Grant got caught fudging on the live show with the string or wire. To me, Brian was a big part of the show, MESS UP OR NOT! Steve, (the knife), that’s how I refer to him because he sure put a few in Brian’s back for sure to get his job, gets on my nerves with his phobias. He says the only thing he isn’t scared of is ghosts…Well, that’s because he has never had an encounter yet. Jason ( “Me” and Grant) with his buddy Grant (Mr. pull strings), talk about being professional and then play some of their stupid jokes on their employees. Give me a break! Anyway, I’ve moved over to Ghost Adventures. Those guys are a lot of fun, and DON’T STAB EACH OTHER IN THE BACK. Oh, and Steve, try eating a few spiders to lose your phobia, like I did in the Marines. Fiber dude, FIBER.

    1. Tom could not agree more. I got so disgusted with the bad taste on air debasing of Brian that I moved over to Ghost Adventures. Ghost hunting is not an exact science. Jason and Grant take all the fun out of it. They have all the act like they are uncloging a toilet. The Ghost Adventure team show yoy that Ghost hunting is exciting.

      Mary Mae, cast member ‘Talk Show Spike Feresten

  152. I did some background checking and it seams the reason Jason had tension with Brian, was he found Brian in bed with a women who was one of their clients, so he and Grant pulled off his TAPS hat and screamed at him that he wasn’t being professional enough, Brian started saying he was sorry but then he got mad and told them it was gonna be him or Steve, so Jason hit his face with the evp recorder, Brian started crying and called him a A-hole, Grant tried to be the peacemaker, but Brian got up and ran out still crying and put his fist into a LCD TV…’s sad that it came to this, i hope they can still be friends

  153. I heard the same thing and the women was that one from the lighthouse, she doesn’t see Brian anymore and he now plays in a band with one of the sons from the real housewife’s

  154. i would love for the taps crew to go to ammityville, and check out the home that was in the movie.i would also love for them to check out the old prison i rawlins wyo.been there in daytime,oh it was bad.
    so what say guys.are you up to it.
    and brian was a pain,he did exagerate.but it added humor to the show.

  155. Lots of hating going on here. I hate this guy I hate that guy. Wow, what a tough crowd. If you hate the Ghost Hunters why do you watch them? Turn off the T.V.
    —Do yourself a favor and don’t watch.
    I enjoy watching the show. The early shows with Brian and Steve were the best. I never thought of Brian as an “employee” of TAPS, I always thought of him as a founding member. I wish Brian the best of luck.
    Has anybody here ever suffered an abusive relationship at work? Would you want to return to that? These questions are deeper than what we see as viewers of the show.

  156. I thought Brian brought a lot to the Ghost Hunters. I quit watching the show because I was a Fan of Brian’s and without his presence I find the show too dull for my liking.
    He seemed to bring alot of fun and seemed like the show had more ife and character with Brian. Sorry Jason and Grant.

  157. How can anyone stick up for brian i just don’t know???
    What a waster he his!!!!
    He had the perfect opportunity in life which many of just dream of
    (a highly paid television deal etc..) + then what does he do???
    he goes and cuts every corner he can such as: forwarding through the evidence + then claimed there was nothing there
    then surprise surprise Grant + Jay redo it + find 2 evp’s that he had missed
    so therefore for the credibility of the show they had to lose him but to be fair they still kept him + even gave him PAID leave to let him think about whether his heart is really in it or not
    (+ Then to take the real piss after being paid on leave for as long as he could string it out for Jay + Grant finally go round to ask him to come back he refuses)

    2.Then after he feels like it + finally comes to his senses He has the brassneck to go + ask for his job back here’s excuse he used:
    I was in a toxic relationship which effected my head but its now over.
    but then to my surprise after all that they took him back
    (you should also remember they did’nt need to as his place after a long time was recast to (Dave Tango) so they even paid double wages to let him come back!!!)
    (I would’nt of)

    3.And Then what does he go + do
    it all starts off fine + then after the novelty wears off again
    he starts turning up when he feels like it (+ when he did he was always late)

    4.Then to top it all off their are the acusations of him fabricating phenomina I can’t say whether this is true or not as i’ve just read about it but to me because of the above this came at the perfect time to use this excuse to lose him which to me is great as he should of been lost A long long time ago anyway

  158. To all of you complaing about Steve’s fears, even the ones from a year ago, grow up. It’s called a fear for a reason, and a person can be afraid of more than one thing. I’m afraid of heights too, as well as spiders. Does that mean I’m a wimp? No, not really, they’re phobias for a reason people.

  159. I think Brian should go on “Ghost Lab”…It’s a better show then “Ghost Hunters” nowadays.

    Ghost Hunters was a great show…now it’s kinda unreal. At least when Brian and Donna were on the show. I found it believible.

    I agree with Grant and Jason being nasty to Brian also.

  160. Hey Dan,

    Are you outta your friggin mind? Everything you said is hilarious! Are you aware of “Collargate”? Yeah, the hoaxsters and liars are named Jay and Grant. Look it up! And there’s the footage to back it up LIVE. Show me where Brian was involved in any shady evidence! He wasn’t. He’s the guy who caught the soundman having his camera bag whacked in his face. Tons of the best evidence was caught by Brian.

    And has anyone noticed how they are relying on “drama” from Brian for GHA? How stupid. He hasn’t been in taps in years and they still need him on the shows. LOL!

    Too bad they let their freakshow bullies run him off, he was the only interesting person on any of those shows combined. That’s a fact. I would’ve left too I guess if I was mentally abused day in and out. Donna Lacroix even admitted they treated him worse off camera than anything we saw and it was mental abuse. Those were her exact words!

    I’m sure Brian will be back on tv again someday. People still have strong reactions to him one way or the other.

  161. Either this show is all put on, sounds like a soap opera,or Mr Tatoo man must have paid a lot to get his job. His blatant underminding of Brian was sicking and now watching him flaunt his power over the rest of the crew is almost more than I can take.Brian ….if it wasn’t put on took considerably more critism then most peoplr would, you can clearly see his Military training in his handling the pressure and childish undermining from the tatto man.I couldn’t believe how Jason and Grant would excuse the Tatoo man and put the blame on Brian for any errors.
    This show just can’t be for real!

  162. I just looked up some stuff on “collargate” and im stunned and floored. I will not be watching Ghost Hunters…GHI… or that other new lame show with tango and steve ever again. My sister and I really have been bored with the show since Brian left anyway. I have been watching since ’05 and I’ve always thought Jay was such an ass! I would hate life if i had a husband, brother, father..etc like him. You even see him scowling when nothing is going on. He reminds me of Mel from Mel’s Diner on “Alice”.. only Mel had a likable quality about him. Steve is just gross. Gross to look at, listen to, or watch. His new show with his “wool” tango is just sooooo boring..and Steve likes to brow-beat those poor kids on that show too… must have taken good lessons from Jay. Grant is Jason’s bitch like Tango is Steve’s. That’s just really weird folks. I heard somewhere that that Kristen chick was caught being inappropriate with Jason and his wife found out? I am not sure where I read that once. Not sure if there is any truth to that though. I don’t like that Kris though. She is just too abraisive. I really wasn’t a big fan of Donna’s either but if she takes up for Brian then she is fine in my book. I sure hope Brian is not still friends with Steve… if so… he needs to watch his back because you can tell Steve is one of those guys who have no moral barometer… no conscience or remorse. I have this visual of him taking the knife out of Brians back long enough to wipe it off on his pant leg (metaphore) lol.

  163. In defense of Tango, he has Tourettes Syndrome and thats why he twitches. Also he knows hist stuff and would take him for his word any day.

  164. They let brian go because he was getting more famous that the others. I know this b/c I have a movie stare in my family. I am sitting and waiting for someone to pick up brian for his own show.

  165. I love ya Grant and Jason but come on I mainly watched the show to watch Brian do something funny and at the same time look for the activity. Don’t Hate Bri cuz he is most popular. I am waiting for Brian to have some kind of show or something of his own. I use to be a HUGE fan but since Bri left it got a bit BORING. Sorry just being honest.

  166. It was indeed extremely shameful not to mention unprofessional the way that sadistic troubled controlling jerk Jason treated Brian CONSTANTLY on the show. He scapegoated him all the time. None of this should have EVER aired period. It should have been ONLY behind the scenes–proving how uneducated and unprofessional Jason & the producers were. I don’t agree that Brian brought any of this on himself at all. He should have sued the show, its producers and that ah Jason long ago–it’s not too late Brian.

  167. I’ll never believe he got fired. They needed him and they still do. Pretty much all the top episodes voted by fans were his episodes. Wasn’t Dude, Run! #1? He is still popular, look at his myspace and facebook. They tried to ruin him but he kept going even though he was being mentally abused by them and exploited. I am also waiting for his own show to come on. He started a new team and I bet a show will not be far behind. Hollywood is all about money and ratings and he would bring them both. Best of luck Brian, you have a lot of fans supporting you.

  168. what’s with the “no explanation from Ghost Hunters ” about Brian’s leaving ???

    There was MOST of an episode used to explain the problems caused from being constantly distracted over a personal situatuation. Brian was actually in this episode AND Jason and Grant left the choice of whether or not to leave up to him . Jason and Grant called Brian aside and asked him what he wanted to do and he responded that he felt he needed to work on his relationship so he would leave the show. Jason even said that he felt Brian might be making a mistake but they respected HIS decision. So… what’s the problem ???

  169. It’s a TV show, people….A TV SHOW! It’s NOT real life. Sci Fi pays a lot of money to make the show seem real. They employ actors, have script writers and editors. Kris Williams isn’t actually sitting by the TAPS phone and calling Jay and Grant on their Roto-Rooter cell phones with exciting assignments. Sci Fi handles all the who, what and where. Are Brian’s, Steve’s and Jason’s acting abilities so great that you folks cannot see through this?

  170. Nana, that was the first time. Then they had him come back, he disappeared without an explanation, suddenly pops up on a new spinoff called GHI, and then after a handful of episodes up and disappears with no explanation again. If it were true he was fired repeatedly, then everyone in charge are the idiots, not Brian. Why would you fire and rehire someone 3 times in a year? You wouldn’t. It isn’t true, obviously. And I question the so called problems he caused. Where’s the proof of that?? Hearing Jason and his minions Grant & Steve say it makes it true? Keep drinking kool aid if you believe that. Brian was the fall guy for the drama on the show. As it is now, no one is willing to throw anyone else under the bus on this cast and the result is being bored to tears by nothing interesting. No colorful personalities, it’s formulaic down to every last detail INCLUDING cast interactions and personas. When Brian left, the whole fun of the show went buh bye.

    Tim, sorry but this IS real life. These people are playing THEMSELVES and not paid actors to portray other people. Yes, I do think reality tv is scripted to a degree as far as being “led” to what to say or do for dramatic effect. I also think a lot of it is real. Every interaction between Brian and TAPS that I’ve seen the last few years after he quit has even reaffirmed for me that they all despise one another and it’s real. Unless you want me to believe even after they leave the show they are paid to hate one another. It’s real. It never should have aired, it added nothing. Brian was hilarious and should have left him alone to be the humor of the show. Jason hated being upstaged and Brian paid for it.

  171. Sarah,

    Absolutely, you are entitled to your opinion. I, however, don’t buy it. It is impossible to have cameras filming these “real life” situations as they actually happen. If Brian was so vilified, would he agree to have his hiring, firing and personal meetings with his “employers” to be filmed? Everyone knows Jay and Grant are not real plumbers. After all, they are not really filming them working on the john when the cell phone rings. Why is it so hard to believe that the dialogue between Brian, Jay and Grant is not contrived as well?

  172. Tim,

    I absolutely agree that much of the dialogue is contrived. However, the nature of the relationships I believe to be real. There is no love lost there, and Hollywood being Hollywood exploited it and made it bigger. I definitely agree with the essentials of your points, though.

  173. Brian did forget/lose expensive equipment at some point and I think Brian should have turned his cell phone off. oh yeah, a little less talking after a question to the ghost instead of getting all excited.

  174. Real or not, I think it’s obvious Jason suffered from the green eyed monster, and Brian paid the price. I think he bowed out like a man and that’s why we didn’t hear of his departure. If he hadn’t … we’d have heard about it i’m sure. I love brian and would watch any new show he got. I hope he does get his own show. As a side note, does anyone else think Brian looks like a young Gilligan from gilligans island? Bob denver is his name i think. (could be wrong about that).

  175. Brian was more trouble than he was worth.I think he was responsible for some of the paranormal activity seen on the show.I think he’s the kind of person who would stage activity.

  176. Yeah, Dan. Sure he is. Jason and Grant are super honest people. Look for yourself.

    They are so full of integrity and honesty.

  177. My husband and I miss the enthusiasm Brian Harnois brought to the ghost hunter team. Sure hope they bring him back. Although we still watch Ghost Hunters, we much prefer the comaderie, enthusiasm and ultimate respect each member of Ghost Adventurers show one another on their investigations. Each man on the Ghost Adventurer team has his own unique personality, and you never see any of them mock one another over petty differences. Love Ghost Adenturers! I also like GHI and Ghost Lab, although I really have not seen Ghost Lab the last 2 weeks.

  178. Just Vena with another comment. I do like Tango, he sure isnt a guy that would take Steves crap as kindly as Brian did. Want to see a little more of his greek attitude, put whiny Steve in his place on Ghost Hunters.

  179. I like Brian, he’s just a natural guy. While I like Jason and Grant, I was a little put off by the way they treated Brian, but then on the other hand Brian would have had to okay how he was portrayed on the show. (I think) Is there anyone out there who thought the episode where Jason and Grant had their hotel investigated just a little bit shameless? I want them to be successful but it made me question that decision. I miss Brian, he was genuinely funny and if they are a family as TAPS would have us believe, why aren’t they more concerned with what happened with Donna and Andy as well? Just wondering….. Anybody out there want to follow ghost hunters around and debunk them? Debunking the debunkers???????????

  180. i think that he was a liar. but he still got treated more shitty than he deserved. j and grant are ass’s. i stil am a fan of the show tho. i would rather see “dude run” back than tango. tango is steves bitch, and he cant stop twitching his face. he bugs me. i know steve likes it tho, cuz he is power hungry, and he has made tango his bitch

  181. I think Brian was a moron. Sure Steve loses things or forgets them but at least he admits it and doesn’t make up a story for it. And if you remember in season 2 they even showed Brian fast forwarding through video evidence while he was over Steve. Steve has never done that. As some people mentioned, this is just my opinion and based off of what I have seen on the shows, no I wasn’t there and can’t back it up with evidence that isn’t on the show. Brian ran out of the prison, lost things, forgot things, lied or made up stories for those things, in my opinion he is a moron. Other people feel differently and that is their right to their opinion.

  182. barbara :
    what show were you watching.. i saw the very same one… they were both fastforwarding.. get your facts straight.

    Amen, Barbara! You’re right! Funny how people forget all of Steve’s bs, isn’t it??

    If I was Brian, I would’ve lied too! The way he was treated, even if he was 200% perfect they’d find fault with him. I would be terrified to screw up knowing every single thing I do will be magnified and have my ass reamed on television sets around the WORLD!

    Yes, anonymous, you’re entitled to your opinion, as am I. It’s my opinion that you’re wrong. 🙂

    1. thanks sarah, hey looking back they all treated brian the same until around the beginning of 2008..something happened..i have been seeing lots on utube taps lies..and i am wondering if money had lots to do with everything..if you listen to donna confess all the fakes its a big wow.. now for me i have a hard time watching and have to laugh everytime grant says.. hey i just got touched or something was tugging at my pants,shirt,collar.or look at the lamp move or who pulled the covers above my leg when i was lol lol they should of just kept things real..i liked then at first. i disliked them getting down on brian on film. i know brian lied about things. but he got caught right away. the others just got busted on their lies more currently. lol. no fun watching a show that cant keep it real

  183. if you watch it again, steve asks if he is allowed to or supposed to do that. And when Jason and Grant went back they only had to review Brian’s footage. I do have my facts straight, they never showed steve fast forwarding. And Brian is still a complete ignorant moron. Thank you very much.

    1. and you just proved you think your opinion is the only opinion. Thank YOU very much. And Brian is not a complete ignorant moron, it’s just your opinion that he is. Remember?? My opinion of you is rapidly becoming the same thing.

    2. you have to look at facts and what even sounds like the truth. this wasnt steves first time doing this. he knew better. i dont care who is in charge..steve?asking? oh come on. and yes they did both fast forward.. they were laughing and throwing i think pop corn at each other.. and yes jason and grant i believe you are right only went back through brians stuff. which jason and grant must be idiots to just go through some of the stuff and not all. i believe this was when they started picking on brian. i will listen to the famous brian and donna radio show. you as your choice can watch the most famous fake show.. i cant stand liars.
      now i am done talking about this subject. best of luck to you. go fight with someone else.

  184. If “Moron” means entertaining… then give me more of it. Brian was the only entertaining one on the show. Those other blow-hards are booooring. What gets me is the hipocracy “Jay” shows… putting a big stick up Brains azz for doing the same stuff those other Lemmings do… only if your name’s not Brian, he looks the other way. Whats up with that??

      1. not anymore. They haven’t had one in a couple years now. Brian does have his own new awesome group though called The Paranormals that he founded. He posts about it on his facebook and myspace pages. They are a great team with a lot of collective experience. He said on a few radio interviews they are working with a producer about possibly getting a show of their own. I hope that happens. Jason and his loyal band of misfits would flip!

        1. Yea that all we need another shitty paranormal team on TV giving real researchers a bad name. You know people actually go to school (parapsychology) to better understand and research these phenomena . Using actual Scientific methods to prove or debunk paranormal activity You got fools like Jay, Grant and Brian making a joke out of the field . Anyone who thinks these guys use Scientific method for there so called “research” smokes crack. The show is for entertainment purposes, that’s why its on the SiFi network and not the Discovery Channel. The idea that Brian could get his own show make me cringe

          1. Hey “ARM*BAR”

            Pssst, little scientific tip for you. A remote control is made of matter. In order to watch the show, you have to turn it on. Don’t watch it if you are so against it. And why are you here reading about Brian and paranormal shows, then?

            P.S. Barry, GOOD POINT!!

            1. I still know what point Barry was trying to make, I do watch the show for it’s comedy value, but some people actually look at TAPS as a legitimate Paranormal research team. There certainty loads of video on youtube that prove this team is no different then any other show shoot scene after scene, editing and adding. My point, because it seems to elude you is that there is actually researchers who do the work. The reason why i am here on this blog, is because i did see how Brian left and why so….But i don’t what Ghost Labs and i have checked TV listings and there is no Ghost Lab listed. But the reference of the Discover Channel was intended as a joke that obviously failed, and i certainly take anything on TV in stride. Conclusion Bad Science make funny show but still makes for bad science

  185. well, again you have your opinion and you are entitled to it. Personally I don’t care what your opinion is of me. I like the show, I like Jason and Grant and Steve and Tango. I did not find Brian entertaining at all, I found him to be stupid. And if you want to go and watch his retarded website and show if it comes about feel free. I came here to post my opinion, I have done so. I’m not here to start a fight or argue with anybody. If you find that you want to argue with me because my opinion is different than yours then you be just as stupid as Brian and do so. And by calling Brian a moron, no I do not mean entertaining, I mean he is retarded, stupid and an idiot. I’m glad they got rid of him, I think the show is much better off without him. And just because they didn’t like him and got rid of him doesn’t mean that he has to go off and try to make them look fake. If anything I think he tried to make stuff up just to look somewhat important. When in reality, he wasn’t.

    1. have more of a positive out look on need to sling name calling around..its just a tv show and people are just posting there views..i think people are just name is barbara.. now what was your name again…
      negitive people give me a head ach..
      i only wish that your monday is alittle brighter

    2. Retarded?!!!! WOW I was giving you too MUCH credit! You are prejudiced against people with disablilities and are calling them horrible names! EWWW GO AWAY TERRIBLE PERSON!

  186. Honestly i don’t know Ghost Lab is, but that’s no the point. It really dose matter what channel these shows are on because they are built by producers,and show needs ratings. The Discovery channel comment was my stab at humor, that failed. The bottom line is if anyone has done Paranormal research they know very boring it can be, and maybe out of a 1000 sites that research you get 1 unknown. Ghost Hunters season 1 debunked %75 aprox cases. Season 2 just a little over %50 season 3 %40. Maybe at one time these guy wanted to be researchers but now it about money. Each of the has kids and real ghost hunting dose not pay the bills.
    Brian may very well be the only one who stillwants this, but what i have seen from ths show is someone who make jumps to conclusions without using reason, logic. If your in an old building and its falling a pary your going to hear all kinds of stuff it dose not make it paranormal. When resarscher uses scientific method and finds something odd, thats a gem

    1. oh man sorry i wasnt replying to you being nice… it was the anonymous person before you..
      but i love the discovery channel..and i totally understand.. this year everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon to get famous with seeing ghosts etc..its getting harder and harder to figure out who is faking or telling the truth..i would love to go on a ghost hunt myself with people who know what there doing. i am not getting any younger and would love to just experiece it for my self..
      my moms house has spirits.. oh well you have a great day.. chat any time. my spelling suck too.. dont worry

  187. When Sylvia Brown was proven a fake, sadly, my belief in the afterlife has gotten real rocky… the thought of just disappearing from existence is terrifying to me (sorry to be so dark). So if someone…anyone… could prove there is something beyond this existence… im all ears for. Brian just seems more down to earth and well… human… more so than those other guys (with the exception of Tango… I guess he had to grow on me but I kind a like the guy now.) I would watch anything Brian is in. As far as Jay and Grant are concerned… well I actually thing if Grant hadn’t drank Jason’s kool-aid years ago., he would be a great guy… but he sells others out to please Jay… and I think Grants face is next to the definition of Lemming in the dictionary.

  188. Well, I wasn’t making fun of anybody for disabilities. If it came across that way I’m sorry. I used the term retarded to get my point across that I wasn’t using moron as meaning entertaining.

  189. I think Brian should come back to Ghosthunters, I think it was a shame that he and Andy Andrews just disappeared off the show without any explanation of where they went. I’m all for the underdog cause I’m like one of them so I know how they feel. Love you guys and miss you.

  190. And as for Anonymous. You should learn first of all how to spell and second of all how to phrase your sentences. I am mildly retarded my own self and can phrase my words better than you. Thank you very much!

  191. i think brian is awesome and i bet hes glad he got away from GH before all this controversy. doesnt moron mean doing something repeatedly only to get the same results but expecting something different? that pretty much sums up every GH episode to me! haha

  192. Kimber :
    i think brian is awesome and i bet hes glad he got away from GH before all this controversy. doesnt moron mean doing something repeatedly only to get the same results but expecting something different? that pretty much sums up every GH episode to me! haha

    HA!!! Great point!

  193. I think Brian needs to come post on this site. He be like “hey bro’s n gals., its me brian the lion” and we would be like “ohhhh coooll…..” then when the GH trolls came out of their corners attacking him we’d all be like “dude run!”

  194. hey ginger.. brian is my friend on facebook.. i copied your post for him.. he wrote.. what site? i told him
    so maybe he will come and write something or not.

  195. he is on face book if you want to be his fan.. that is how i found him… i do not know brian personally. in fact he doesnt respond to my posts..he has many fans on his page and looks to be a very busy man. this will be the last post from me on this site. brian is alive and well. appears to be doing very well for him self.

  196. Allegan, MI — A seasoned paranormal investigator will be in Allegan County for a weekend of talks.

    Brian Harnois, founder of The Paranormals, and formerly of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, who has been featured on the Sci-Fi Channel, will be in Plainwell and Kalamazoo on March 19 and Allegan March 20.

    The event entitled “Weekend with Brian Harnois” is sponsored by the Michigan Paranormal Encounters.

    For information and tickets, visit


  197. Ginger, I read your post about Sylvia B. and let me say to you, do not confuse the message with the messenger. She may not be for real, but the message was. She just took ideas that have been around for 1800 years by the Gnostics. We are in a Dark Age in Humanity where separation from God tests us. It has been this way ever since the destruction of Atlantis. Many ideas where lost in the devastation but seeds of it remained with the remnant. Most fables have a nugget of truth in them from eons ago. We will be slowly ascending out of the Dark Age beginning 2012. Just hang in there until then and keep your Faith! It is the most precious thing you own, its the ONLY thing you own matter of fact.

  198. I think they should make a dvd collection of just episodes with Brian in them. I think a lot ofpeople would buy that. The best episodes had him in them. Episodes now are a joke.

  199. It is so sad. Here I am watching GH. It is the ONLY series I have ever gone out and bought DVDs for…and looked up online to see if I could find what Brian was up to these days. After reading these comments, it has confirmed my own thoughts on the show that I have had for awhile. Either they don’t care, sold out or the fame has gone to Jay and Grant’s heads. Brian was always seemed sweet and funny. Jay in the past has been kinda unthoughtful in his words but we all can and I really liked him. Now, he seems too interested in Kris. Grant is nicer and friendlier but plays second fiddle to Jay. Neither really let their full personality show. It would also be nice to see Jay and Grant review some tape. I am a manager but still empty the trash when necessary. They do not actually look like they’re having fun or are enthusiastic. Now it just looks like a job to them. The excitement is gone. GHA was a total disappointment. Just flat. Steve, I used to really like, and actually love his tats but the numerous phobias are just a turn off to a woman. I want to watch something like this and imagine I am there and have a guy’s guy to watch out for me…not watch Kris’ see through shirts, low riders and hair all in her face acting “dumb.” And, no, I’m not jealous, actually, I look similar to her. But if I wanted to watch Girls Gone Wild, I would have bought that DVD. You’re losing your female viewers. So, alas, I’ve switched to Ghost Adventures, for the reasons I started watching GH in the beginning…..they rock…maybe Brian could join them.

    1. I know how you feel. Recently, I read a comment made by another paranormal group about the lack of science in their show. They said that they could change but then the show wouldn’t be their show. I guess that is what has happened to Ghost Hunters, they have changed their cast to a point that it is no longer the same show. I still watch it for the entertainment value, but like you, I enjoy Ghost Adventures a lot more.

  200. I’m watching a rerun with Brian right now. I rather likde him, too, and thought it quite inappropriate when they aired the bashing/firing/rehiring. But I can’t say I blame Jason and Grant for it all; I would put most the blame on the producers for choosing to air it. It’s all about ratings, which is all about the almighty dollar. But that stuff has nothing to do with paranormal investigation, which is why most of us watch the show to begin with!

    I’d also like to comment on the stinker knock-off show GH Academy. What a load of ghost-poop that show is! Steve and Tango, who I normally really enjoy during boring moments of no activity (especially Steve’s numerous phobias and their silly sophomoric bets), come off petty and sanctimonious. I hope that show gets cancelled and Steve and Tango go back to GH, and they decide to rehire Brian. Now that would be entertaining (since entertainment IS what GH is all about).

  201. whether you loved him or he irritated you it doesnt matter he brought drama, humor, and controversy to the show which made it interesting. He is better off wthout that much GH, GHI the way he was treated in front of the whole world was cruel. I wish he is offered a show in the paranormal and I would watch

  202. If Brian were to go back to GH, it would be a downgrade for him, that applies even if he is doing absolutely nothing. GH is a real sinking ship at this point. Lame Lame Lame. GHI? Hmm well ,I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of that Irishman’s camera. Ghost Academy? Not even worth mentioning. Brian did a good thing by leaving GHI.. only other thing he should have done was back over Barry’s thermal lens as he was drivin’ away.

  203. I blame Jason and Grant, for putting down brian just about every chance they had even whene steve forgot a table, drop cords, hell they blamed brian. steve was and asshole to brian. Jason-Grant you should have watch your owen shows, shame on you for not recognizing Brian,Donna from the original cast members but I wouldn’t expect any different. Brian if it was me I tell to go to hell,be yourself.

  204. I just got around to watching the two hour live GH at alcatraz because I had it DVR’ed and you know, watching these episodes just isnt the same knowing they fake their evidence. And is it just me or is Josh Gates getting FAT!!!

  205. What is so great about Steve? He has no personality (almost boring) and those tatoos. Grant was rude to Brian and should not have shown it on GH. Also, they actually think that those spirits/ghosts are people that once lived on earth. How ridiculous! The devil can immitate anything or anyone and wants to deceive people that they have an afterlife. There is an afterlife if you believe in Jesus our Savior and follow what the Bible states.

  206. I will be meeting Brian for the first time next month. I am so excited because he will be doing an investigation at our downtown bay lighthouse. If anyone is interested we are having a Circle Of Life Expo April 25th and he will be just one guest of many amazing people.It will be in Pensacola, Florida at our Fairgrounds and at night we will be moving to the lighthouse for the experience.I am sooo looking forward to it!

  207. Hmm Im surprised at all the Kris Williams hate! I love Kris myself (OK so I think she’s super cute, am a little obsessed, and recorded the St Patty episode for her cleavage alone), but with Brian gone she’s about the main reason I still watch. Mind you even though I love both GH & GHI (will never bother with GHA though) I don’t usually look the show and cast up online so I don’t know what going on off camera and probably prefer not to know (except the whole Kris Williams boob job debate). I do miss Donna though and hope that she can feel better someday. As for GHI I like most people on there especially Barry (guy really knows his shit and isn’t afraid to piss of an angry spirit), I also love Joe Chin (just seems like a real nice guy to me), I like Robb OK but he is a tad too monotone for my tastes, and I’ve always loved Dustin. Andy on the other hand Im surprised at the love he gets here, most people I known can’t stand him. Looking forward to Karl and Susan (I think that their names) on GHI (Susan is hot, no offense to the other girls on GHI but it needs a resident hottie). Anyway to get on topic I do miss Brian and am glad he’s doing well. I agree the whole drama in the first couple season was totally uncalled for but then thats what makes good TV right. Id love to see Kris, Brian, Dustin, Donna, Barry, and Tango get a show together someday.

  208. Please no more Harnois on TV! That guy makes me nuts! He is utterly moronic and brought all his drama on himself. I paid money to see him at an event a couple years ago and you couldnt get the guys attention for 10 minutes without his phone constantly ringing, or taking cigarette breaks. He was falling asleep during the investigation and disappeared before MIDNIGHT back to his hotel room. What a waste! I saw the unedited version of this guy and believe it, he was exactly the same as on the show. I dont blame Jason and Grant one bit for kicking him to the curb! Good riddance!

  209. I renember January 23rd 2006 when the ghost hunters teem came to my haunted house. i renember seeing brian there with ja and grant. They were just joking around and having a laugh. i Do wonder that Brian is just putting it on. its an act. seriosly guys. i have seen it with my own eyes. JUST AN ACT!! they even tolled me.

    When they came to evidence they only found one E.V.P that they didnt no what it was saying

  210. I think you all really messed up when got rid of brian,As far as I,m concerned he was the only one that I liked. Jay and grant were horrible to him.Steve is the one thats a baby!

  211. it was all put on for show.. i really beieve this now.. brian is doing well for him self… the show must go on..

  212. Put on for show eh? Then why don’t any of them even speak to one another?? It was actually worse behind the scenes. He was treated like dirt. I’m positive of it.

  213. people just need to go forward.. and stop living in the past…. brian is a nice guy… regardless as to what happened to him on the gh or ghi.. he is doing well for him self and his family..i think some on it was for show… and like most of you yes i think some of it was not so nice… but really he is friends with lots of these same people on face book… so like i said… the show must go on

  214. rreaallyyy reaallyy reaaaaalllyyy i miss brian hes so nice pplllsss coem back ^-^
    yes we know all he have forgott something but i dont know buutt he bring the aktion in this show damn hehehe so dont think wrong about brian ^-^

    oouuu sry for ma english i dont can speaaakk good 😀

    so peace and much much love

  215. I’d rather watch the animal planet ghost show then see brian back on tv!! Whats fluffy looking at in the corner?

    1. enjoy Animal Planet, the rest of the world is waiting for Brian to get back on tv. People beg him on all his pages to hurry up and come back to tv, sucks for his haters since he will most likely be back soon.

  216. When GH first came on Brian was always in trouble leaving equipment and such and he was always bringing his family problems to work on one episode Grant saysBrian cant be here because of his girl problems we told him to leave that female alone. He only went to GHI because of his problems on the GH.

  217. None of any of this matters…. and shouldn’t, it is a tv show. Saying that yes fake things happen… people pull the strings (no pun intended) but this is television. The make believe place where people live inside the box in my living room and do things to keep me amused. Yes it is a “reality” show, but that being said an investigation takes _____ hours to perform, and even longer to stage, the time it takes to drive there… all of it. How much of the crew’s non investigative footage could they really use in a 1 hour tv show. And once outside sources (editors and producers get their hands on anything the entire intent of the show or interview can be changed. So even though Jay seemed to be ridiculously hard on Brian H. We only saw portions of arguments and for that matter everything that went on. To me Brian seems irresponsible but excited about the paranormal, like he really wants to investigate to the fullest of his abilities, but is not willing to say… “No i don”t know about that”, or just accept he screwed up. He just always seemed to have excuses and made up answers, running his mouth off. Personally I do not miss him at all and found him a distraction from the entertainment of “Ghost hunting” no matter how unscientific they can get at times. If i wanted to watch a soap opera or a drama where everyone yells at each other I would go tune in to something else. And as dry as some of these posters think the show is now after brian has left again, I have enjoyed most of the people that they have had on the show, with the exception of both brians (Harnois and Bell) All they seemed to do was distract from what the show was about making me lose my temper along with jay. Yes i have worked with many unreliable people before and I’m only 25. Tempers aside it does seem that Jay is too tough on people and he’s kind of a jerk, who has said unprofessional things about TAPS members. But honestly when you’re really fed up don’t things kind of slip out a little then you think… “awww i wish i hadn’t said that.” Jay may have learned the hard way that what the producers and executives think makes for good tv are some off handed remarks that he’ll regret eventually that ended up in the shows. And now hes on there as a producer… maybe he wanted a say on the show and didn’t want it to turn into a gossipy drama show (which he in part helped create), as the seasons progress I see less and less of that unprofessional behavior and mockery. And I feel now they have a decent team (not neccisarily good hunters, but people that actually work well together and like each other, so those little fights can be turned into jokes in most instances.) to run “investigations” real or not to entertain the public. Before it seemed like they were all there because they had signed a contract but really wanted to rip each other’s throats out. After reading this thread I just had to post something. Too many people stating that their opinion was the right one which is never right because opinions are subjective.

    To those who have said that Jay and Grant sold out… yes they did, because like all of us they want success. The only reason anything is on t.v ever is because it can make money… so if you want to get right down to it the act of selling out would be taking the opportunity to have a tv show in the first place and fame does funny things to people and who really knows what anyone’s full intentions are (or were) for that matter.


  218. Brian Harnois??
    I don’t believe that he reitered when he just had a baby. Jay always jumped on him never the Steve that took Brians place as Tech. To me I think Steve is a girl’ly man wont fly afraid of every thing but ghost’s. There was one show I seen where he bitched Brian out and not steve and he was just as much to blaim, But Brian got bitched out. I would like to see him return to the show.

  219. Steve acts like such a sissy the way he screams like a girl when he sees a spider. And he’s always trying to pay Tango to eat a bug or to go where there might be a spider hanging out…oh my! And to think he used to be a cop…

  220. Brian got blindsided by a sociopath Steve…if you watch and pay attention to each time Brian is in trouble with how something is going wrong in the “investigation” it is because Steve got him to do it that way then lets Brian take the dive. Steve has one those destructive ways because he recognized Jason as a bafoon wannabe tough guy and played up his ego, Grant is easy because he is the ultimate toady that is probably the heart of this con game.

  221. jeez Sarah chill have you no life that you need to reply to every comment left? Take a break have a kit-kat Brian’s a big boy lol

  222. I don’t care what reasons who leaves the show. The ghost hunters show is successful because they have a family bond. Real characters that do real everyday things. So I believe they should address what happens to a member of their family. Its what we as loyal followers buy into. Shame- we do care. Its not that Brian was ever perfect. but he was a part of the family. No one in real life is perfect making him all the more real.

    I like this realism. Its even more apart of the show than ghosts!

  223. In case you haven’t figured this out by now, in almost EVERY piece of video evidence that they capture Grant is the one that happens to be in it. (IE the civil war plantation picture frame, the flying hangers, the moving lamp, the hopping table at the stanley, the bedsheet that pulls up, the jacket tug.) That is because Grant consideres himself the best at what he does – FAKE EVIDENCE. I was a skeptic of the fraud claims at first until GH started getting heavy handed with the video evidence found on YouTube and the like. Now they are even using what appears to be remote control flashlights to get them to turn on by themselves. You notice this a bit in season 5 Jay seem to point hit “digital recorder” in the direction of the flashlight everytime it turns on and off by itself. As for Brian and Donna I would be more likely to believe Donna’s story than I would Jay and Grants.

  224. Another season of Ghost Hunters has ended. The show has lost it’s way and the Scifi is more concerned about advertising dollars and ratings which inevitably happens as a show becomes popular. Unfortunately, the viewers suffer. The spin offs with Ghost Hunters Academy, another horrible idea, and GHI, to a lesser extent, are fillers for the regular show. Scifi is trying to be like NBC, ABC or CBS when it comes to ratings with GHA. Now we bring in guest investigators, like Atlanta House Wifes? Who is the brains behind that idea. I am sure they receive requests from fans but come on. Who wants to see low level television stars on the show. The show is more transfixed with theatrical music and the reactions of the investigators instead of looking at a room or where the sound came from instead of the investigators so much. The producers need the investigators to be more quiet. I realize it is a long night but a viewer can’t hear anything and for the skeptics out there it gives them more ammunition. The emphasis of a more scientific approach is severally lacking and in turn causing disgruntled viewers. My opinion is that not much goes on during the investigation for multiple hours so you need filler screen shots and reactions of the investigators to make it interesting for 30 minutes. It is all about the ratings. I agree with several writers that I too wondered what happen to Brian, Andy and Donna and I guess I know. I wasn’t a big fan of them but Brian was interesting. I also wondered what is the story about Steve and his previous law enforcement career. There is a story there for a guy who is afraid of everything. Sometimes the producers have allowed to much personal drama to interfere with the show again instead of concentrating on the investigation. Again, I feel it is about ratings and the lack of activity at each sight. How much bump after bump is going to keep the audience entertained and that is what producers of the show look at. Shadows and mists are few and far between. Scifi is not going to keep a show if it doesn’t entertain. Lets be realistic. I think the show has about run it’s course and get rid of Destination Truth. What a waste of money. Ghost Adventures is the better show right now but they too are starting to be overly dramatic and losing focus.

  225. They don’t show you everything Brian did. Brian was funny because he was a liar and a idiot. If that’s entertainment for you, why don’t you watch Eastenders or one of your damn drama shows. This is ghost hunting, not a damn comedy show. Brian made steve uncomfurtable and quiet, I don’t like that, Brian is just a jelous man ” If I was tech manager again I wouldn’t of done that ” stupid pathetic child.

  226. I have stopped watching GH and GHI just because it is sooooo boring. The show has changed a lot since it first started, it is like watching wall paper dry. Wether you like Brian or not.. I liked the kid.. I used to like watching Steve and Brian investigate they were a good team. Nonetheless the show needs to go back to basics. Turn off the damm music which is what I hate the most of the show.

  227. I have known Brian and have seen his temper. He lashes out at people when there is no need. Now he has all these so called groupies on Facebook that make him think he is great. He is whiny and annoying and lacks people skills. I say good riddance.

  228. needless to say.. who really cares if anyone liked or disliked brain.. no one is perfect and many people lied on GH..i have seen many reruns.. the beginning . those WERE the shows i loved to watch. everyone got along and the show was about hunting ghosts. after a few years is when there were so many conflicts. i think those conflicts were put in the show to make it more interesting. AS YOU CAN SEE BY THIS SIGHT…ITS A BIG WOW.. everyone is still talking about things that happened years ago. i say so what…
    i don’t watch the show anymore because there investigations were not believable at all. and the old ghost hunters were posting how certain things were faked and would even post YouTube videos as to how things were faked… so i say to everyone…SO WHAT!!!

  229. I always liked Brian the best. I didn’t like Steve from day one. His personality is abrasive and abusive. The episode where Steve made fun of Tango for using a red and white headset during an analysis was super petty. Why was that put down even aired? I don’t like GH any more, it’s boring and it’s totally lost it’s original appeal. And, GHI is just as bad; although I never saw any edisoded with Brian in it. I’ll stick with Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State to get my ghost hunting fix.

  230. Bottom line, Jason has an antagonizing, belittling, arrogant manner on screen which should NOT be a part of the show. Keep his anger management problem at home. I can’t stand him and stopped watching the show entirely. I have no respect for him. I don’t know how his co-founder has put up with him all these years, except for the fact that the ghostly show has been a success, not because of Jason, but because his partner and some of the other crew members balance out Jason’s nasty demeanor. No wonder they tried to get a new crew…I would leave, too. The money isn’t worth the degrading treatment Jason doles out to the crew members on screen.

  231. Hate to open a can of worms, but, if what I just watched on youtube with donna lacroix is indeed true then andy, brain and donna where thrown under a bus. What money does to the soul. I wont ever watch the syfy channel again. Shhhhameful

  232. Jason is an arrogant egotistical narcissistic bald bully who thinks he is all that when he really isn’t! Now that Grant is gone, unless Jason starts acting more real, a little more humble instead of so fake that show is never going to last! He thinks the show is all about him! I liked it better when they were just doing houses for people instead of famous places. They need to stop with the hype, centering on Jason and hiring women for their sex appeal and just do real investigations! What happened to the real ordinary women people could connect with?

  233. I just wanted to find out about Brian! I also wish him and his family the very best. Yes, I thought it was quite tacky the way he was treated on the show…I thought it was about “ghost hunting” not low browing someone. Yes, I do remember the sucking up and tattle-telling Steve did to get Brian’s job! Perhaps that is way Grant left also…you can only stand so much phoney!!! Make me believe what you are doing is real at least! I wonder how the joint venture of Jason and Grant’s “Bed and Breakfast” is coming along? Anyone know? Holler back!

  234. I. Think Brian h had issues with lying but Steve threw him and others under the bus on more than one. Êpisode.

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