Dude Run !!!
Dude Run !!!

As some of you may have noticed Brian Harnois is no longer on the TV show Ghost Hunters International. Neither the scifi channel nor Ghost Hunters International has not bothered to give an explanation. They simply deleted his name from the scifi website and the GHI credits. That was, in my opinion, poor treatment by the scifi channel and GHI. They should have given the fans an explanation for Brian departure as they did with Donna.

According to Brian, he has retired for family reasons (link).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Brian Harnois fan. I do believe that his treatment on Ghost Hunters was shameful and a textbook example of how NOT to treat an employee. However; Brian brought a lot of his problems on himself. I was surprised to see him on the Ghost Hunters International show, after his departure from Ghost Hunters, but he seemed to work well on GHI. I guess the only dead thing that we saw on GHI was Brian Harnois’ career!

Dude run!

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